5G Demonstrations: Interplay and teamwork in focus in Nice

A service providers’ ability to monetize 5G, automate their operations and digitalize their customer touchpoints can be compared with a football team’s ability to score goals, orchestrate their teamplay and elevate their individual skills. Read on for more and take the opportunity to familiarize yourself with Ericsson’s 5G demonstrations at the recent Digital Transformation World event in Nice.

5G Demonstrations: Interplay and teamwork in focus in Nice

How do you orchestrate your game?

In football, the orchestrator role is instrumental. Remember all the fine players we’ve watched over the years in this role? The ability to track the game, analyze the game data in real-time and then take quick action – these are the great qualities of the orchestrator.

At Digital Transformation World, we showed how Service automation monitors the game – in our case, 5G end-to-end (radio, transport and core), and how it brings disparate-yet-powerful building blocks together to maximize impact on its actions. Our orchestration solution is also uniquely equipped with an intelligent capability to sense and analyze the status of the game and based on data it adapts to the situation – we call it AI-powered closed-loop automation.


Your 5G game needs agility

In football, we love the striker and their ability to create everything out of nothing! A great striker can score with any foot or use their head, knee, chest, heel or toe from any direction and distance. Like a Kylian Mbappé, Edison Cavani or Julian Draxler.

A successful 5G business needs agility too. Similar to the footballer’s ability to adapt their weapon and approach different opportunities, the telco service provider needs a digital BSS that can do the same. At our stand at Digital Transformation World, you could see how an agile Digital BSS can be rapidly configured to support new services and eco-systems by flexibly adapting to new 5G and IoT services and partnerships.

For a deep dive into our Digital BSS demonstrations, you can read the blog posts Demonstration: How Ericsson Charging delivers 5G use cases and How to create and manage flexible 5G offers, at scale.


From one-touch football to zero-touch 5G?

In football, one-touch football is passing or shooting the ball with one touch, rather than trapping or dribbling the ball first. Is this where the football vs. telecom analogy stops, and the service provider 5G game vaults over football into zero-touch operations of networks and services?  

Through Artificial Intelligence (AI)/ Machine Learning (ML) and powerful analytics solutions, a zero-touch era of telecom is emerging. At Digital Transformation World we demonstrated this in multiple ways:

Insight-driven customer experience management: Through AI/ML, our analytics capabilities are moving customer experience to the next level and closer to zero-touch. Learn more by viewing the video below.

Omnichannel Customer Interaction: Ericsson’s next generation digital experience platform is being developed with a modern cloud-native architecture, and it’s reaping the advantages of tools like analytics, AI/ML and the latest chatbot technology.


We win when we play well together

Very complex things may look easy once you have everything sorted out in terms of strategy and tactics. Plus, you’ve had your tens of thousands of hours of relentless training. But to get to easy is hard.  To build a winning team, or the best 5G network, all players or technologies need to work together. #working together. #interplay. #teamwork.

A good example of teamwork is the TMF Catalyst projects. Let me promote one of these projects where Ericsson is heavily engaged. The Skynet catalyst meets several important social, business, and technology objectives in the context of a very practical and important B2B2X business concept: eHealth and tele-medicine. Read our recent blog post to gain the latest insights.

Let’s work together on building the end-to-end 5G platform.


Note: this blog post has been edited post event, to reflect on-site activities.

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