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Telco Cloud comes of age

Will Telco Cloud deliver the expected benefits? What is the right organization for Telco Cloud success? And what is critical to deliver service agility? These topics and many more are addressed in this new report.


This month we published a new report - The Telco Cloud Report: Insights into Cloud Transformation in which we have consolidated the responses and candid reactions from an array of operators across the world, using different implementation models and different suppliers. Our aim was to inquire about the various stages of the Telco Cloud journey, on their progress and learnings on Telco Cloud – from what’s going well to what needs more work. Among the topics we spoke about, we looked for a consensus on things like Telco Cloud maturity, strategic importance, architectural strategy, organization approach, and the path to service agility.

We had a hypothesis: “Even though Telco Cloud is strategically important for operators, and expected to deliver several benefits, it is also bringing challenges, such as more complexity into telecom networks . Telecom integration complexity and technology maturity challenges will alter operator implementation and automation strategies for Telco Cloud…”

To find out whether the interviewees agreed, to understand how their issues and priorities have changed through the journey, and to learn from their wisdom, download the "The Telco Cloud Report: Insights into Cloud Transformation"

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Listen in on a podcast discussion from our Transmissions for Tomorrow series where Dez Blanchfield and I explore the topic of Cloud Transformation.

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