Brilliant Minds: collaborating to build the future

It used to be enough to be a giant in your industry, an expert on your technology area and lead with market share. Not anymore. Now, if you want to unleash the full power of new technologies, you need to challenge the status quo and be a change maker.

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Head of Business Area Technologies & New Businesses

Head of Business Area Technologies & New Businesses

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We live in a time when a wave of new technologies such as 5G, AI and edge computing are moving from slogans to reality, and will fundamentally make positive changes to the way we work and live. It will be a game changer for both industries and society and Ericsson is at the frontier of this transformation.

But a prerequisite for our success is collaboration across many different ecosystems. To put it simply – we must collaborate to innovate if we want to unleash the full power of new technologies.

That is what I am excited to talk about at this year’s Brilliant Minds.

Brilliant Minds was founded in 2015 by Spotify founder and CEO Daniel Ek, and serial entrepreneur Arash Pournouri, and is now run by CEO Natalia Brzezinski.

Held in Stockholm, Sweden the 2019 edition will have guests including Barack Obama, co-founder of Snapchat Evan Spiegel and climate activist Greta Thunberg. Suffice to say, this year has an eclectic line-up, and Ericsson adds to that.

The technologies that we are innovating today—5G, IoT and edge computing—are going to be the ones that will change many different industries, but to be able to make technologies perfectly suited for the innovations of tomorrow, we need to collaborate with the creators and entrepreneurs of today.

We often say that we are living in the time of the fourth industrial revolution. What then can we expect to be the results of the 4th Industrial Revolution?

That is hard to predict. But what is crystal clear is that we need to collaborate with innovators and change makers, people that are open to rethink and reinvent the way we work and live, in order to explore the many opportunities that can be a reality through 5G, IoT and other disruptive technologies. Brilliant Minds is a good place to meet. In the same space will be change makers from areas ranging from tech, culture and sustainability. People who have been involved in different industries for years, and newcomers. Giants in their field, world leaders, up-and-coming artists and a 16-year-old girl with a passion for our climate and a worldwide following.

If this isn’t the place to collaborate on the future of the world, what is?

Innovations are what the future is built on, and we need to build the future together. At Ericsson, this is exactly what we do. We turn innovation projects into viable businesses. We do it at scale, we do it with speed and we do it every day. And we have done it with a host of different companies—from Einride to ABB to Japanese company SoftBank.

After all, what’s the value of getting to be over 140 years old if you can’t share your experiences and ideas and create a better future together?

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