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From 5G to sports and everything in between, here’s the summer reading you can’t miss.

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Vacation time...time to hit the beach, relax under an umbrella and read the latest page-turner. But what if your version of a page-turner is a bit less criminal detective, and a bit more the latest tech insights to make sure you know the latest and greatest? In that case, we got you covered.

Want to see how technology is affecting your favorite hobbies? Then these blog posts are the place to start:

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Enough, you say--bring on the heavy technical content! Our Ericsson Technology Review articles should do the trick.

  • Meeting 5G latency requirements with inactive state Find out the why and how behind the new Radio Resource Control (RRC) state model in the standalone version of the 5G New Radio standard, which features a new, Ericsson-developed state called inactive. On top of overcoming latency and battery consumption challenges, the new state also increases overall system capacity by decreasing the processing effort in the network.

  • Facilitating online trust with blockchains A decade after its launch, blockchain is still the only internet-age technology that is able to facilitate online trust using mathematics and collective protocolling exclusively. The article shares the key insights we have gained from a number of promising private blockchain use cases we have evaluated both on our own and together with global telco and enterprise customers. The article also discusses potential future developments and business considerations.

  • Service exposure: a critical capability in a 5G world This Ericsson Technology Review article explores recent advances in the service exposure area that have resulted from the move toward 5G and the adoption of cloud-native principles, as well as the combination of Service-based Architecture, microservices and container technologies. It includes examples that illustrate how service exposure can be deployed in a multitude of locations, each with a different set of requirements that drive modularity and configurability needs.

If you're inspired and want to read more, check out our Reports & Papers--and keep hydrated out there!

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