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With Industry 4.0, the manufacturing and logistics industries are in the midst of digital transformations to increase automation and efficiency. There is a lot to be gained with Industry 4.0, but it all begins with having the connectivity to support it, creating a tremendous opportunity for service providers who may want to take advantage of a quickly growing market.

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Sales Readiness Director for Industry Connect

Sales Readiness Director for Industry Connect

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According to Zion Market Research, the global Industry 4.0 market is expected to reach approximately $155.30 billion USD by 2024 and the right partner will help service providers get their piece of that pie.

Grow your customer base and revenue streams

Private cellular networks present the opportunity to monetize spectrum resources. Add-on services like site design, radio planning for site layout, installation and management services, 24x7 remote monitoring, testing & handover, helpdesk support and security management can all create new revenue. Services such as data analytics, telematics data management and alert analysis offer additional value-add opportunities.

You’ll want to ensure you have the ability to deliver superior, easy-to-use connectivity to industrial customers. By addressing digitalization in industrial markets and providing a clear path to 5G, service providers can achieve significant new revenue with this enhancement to their current offerings.

The solution: Industry Connect

Ericsson Industry Connect is an easy-to-use, easy-to-sell private cellular network that helps accelerate Industry 4.0 digital transformations. A dedicated cellular network in a factory or warehouse provides higher reliability, lower latency, higher security and higher device density than current connectivity solutions.

Service providers have the option to sell Industry Connect and offer related services or create a managed industrial wireless connectivity offering.

Here is why Industry Connect can help boost service providers’ revenues:

  • Easy: In creating Industry Connect, Ericsson focused on usability from the ground up to create a solution that is easy-to-use and easy-to-manage for IT and OT professionals - no telecom expertise required.
  • Turnkey: With pre-configuration and self-discovery of equipment, Industry Connect can be installed in less than an hour, excluding the mounting of Radio Dots on the ceiling.
  • Reliable: Cellular technology uses interference management to mitigate network disturbances and provide more reliable coverage throughout the factory. Because there is no handoff between access points, cellular connectivity eliminates dead spots and provides reliable connectivity throughout the factory or warehouse.
  • Path to 5G: Because Industry Connect is currently based on 4G with a path to 5G, enterprises can start today and move to 5G when the time is right.

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Qualified partners will receive full support from Ericsson with a robust device and software ecosystem as well as training and marketing support.

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