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D&I Weekly News Round Up: Hiring bias, women in STEM and more

Welcome to the latest edition of our Diversity & Inclusion News Round Up. Today we are talking about a 13 year old girl with bionic arms, how a Dutch university is trying to achieve gender parity, the latest McKinsey report on women in the workforce and what you can do to reduce bias when hiring new colleagues.

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Caroline Berns 

Head of Talent Acquisition, MMEA

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According to a new study from McKinsey, workplace automation might force up to 160 million women globally to find new jobs by 2030. Those new jobs will most likely be higher-skilled roles, which will be an additional challenge for women due to existing barriers like the gender digital divide.


Bias can influence our hiring decisions and might even result in hiring the wrong candidate. Interesting HBR article with various tips on how we can reduce our own biases and make more objective decisions.

Women in STEM

Eindhoven University of Technology, a Dutch engineering university, just introduced a new program to achieve gender parity among their academics. Since 1st of July, job openings are only open for female applicants.

Inclusion & Tech

Open Bionics is a British bionic arm start up that is backed by investors like the F1 team Williams. Watch Tilly Lockey, a 13 year old girl, getting back her independence thanks to her bionic arms.

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