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New contracts and new commercial live 5G networks are announced in a steady pace. To date, Ericsson is powering almost two-thirds of all commercially launched 5G networks. And we learn and share insights every day! Don’t miss our 5G deployment considerations webinars, available on demand.

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5G momentum is increasing 

Initially, 5G will be a capacity enhancer in metropolitan areas. Today we have provided end-to-end solutions for commercial launches that support enhanced MBB and Fixed Wireless Access. Over time, additional new and exciting innovations for 5G will come with IoT use cases. They'll evolve from Massive IoT adoption into more advanced use cases that are expected to address new fields including Broadband IoT, Critical IoT and Industrial Automation IoT. These will be enabled by the deployment of enhanced LTE networks and 5G NR technology. Both will complement each other for a long time, securing a step-wise evolution to full 5G deployment. 


5G Deployment Considerations’ webinars 

 How can 5G be rolled out in the fastest, smoothest, and most efficient way possible, while meeting the key objectives of successful coexistence with 4G and continuous growth? During this exciting time we have continuously shared insights on recent 5G launches and how to evolve the radio, core, orchestration and transport network in a series of 5G Deployment Consideration webinars. What's the best way to evolve from 4G to full 5G deployment through a step-wise implementation that balances investments, revenue streams and competitiveness while minimizing riskHow can you best support a gradual and flexible evolution to 5G CoreWhen and where do you use distributed or centralized deployment? How can you support the increasing pressure within the mobile transport domain? How do you secure cost-effective Fixed Wireless Access? How do you best define the Cellular IoT network slices depending on the use case? What about service automation of network slices and Orchestration to realize customized offerings? 


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If you missed the 5G deployment considerations webinars, there's still time to watch them on demand! 

 Want to learn more about 

  • Early 5G commercial launches for example in the US, South Korea, and Switzerland 
  • Network technology enabling the evolution from 4G to full 5G deployment through step-wise implementationbalances investments and revenue streams 
  • Insights from 5G launches and on how to evolve your radio, transport and core network for 5G eMBB. 

Join the 5G Deployment Considerations webinar - Evolving Enhanced Mobile Broadband!  

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Want to learn more about:  

  • The latest global developments within the Fixed Wireless Access market, its drivers and the business opportunity. 
  • Three step approach to building profitable 4G/5G Fixed Wireless Access networks 
  • Three new case studies – including network impact, recommended design, key success factors and the corresponding business case 

Join the 5G Deployment Considerations webinar - Realizing the Fixed Wireless Access opportunity! 

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Want to learn more about:  

  • The Cellular IoT evolution from Massive IoT adoption into more advanced use cases, to be addressed by Broadband IoT, Critical IoT and Industrial Automation IoT  
  • Supporting a gradual and flexible evolution to 5G - radio, core and orchestration  
  • Network slicing automation - how to define the IoT network slices depending on use case? 

Join the 5G Deployment Considerations webinar - Cellular IoT evolution for industry digitalization!

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