Top 5 tech topics to feature during Global Goals week 2019

All eyes will be on New York City during the Global Goals week, when the UN Secretary-General kicks off the General Assembly with the Climate Action Summit 2019. Here are 5 ways we believe tech will be central to the conversation.

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This week, leading figures from across government, academia, NGOs and business will convene in New York City for a week of intense debate and discussion about the future of global sustainable development.  Climate action will feature heavily throughout the week’s activities.

As an advocate of exponential climate action based on connectivity and disruptive technologies, Ericsson will play a key role at many of the events. Here, we’ll share our experiences, insights and leadership with the world. We believe it’s critical that we leverage each other’s strengths if we are to overcome the single biggest challenge to humankind.


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Below, I list the 5 key tech topics which will be in focus this week.

  1. Connecting the other half

    Where better to kick off the week than at the Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development? We are at a 50-50 moment, where only half of the world’s population is connected to the internet.  Last year, the Commission launched its 2025 targets with the goal to “connect the other half”, an estimated 3.8 billion people. As part of its mission, the commission advocates for the development of broadband infrastructure and services – across governments and industries – to ensure that the power of broadband-based technologies can be realized across all populations.

    Explore the latest 2019 State of Broadband Report.
  2. The roadmap for climate action

    The science is clear. The world knows. If we want to deliver on the Paris Agreement, we must act now to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees. It is still possible, if we act now.

    Released this week, the updated Exponential Roadmap 1.5 lays out the bare facts: showing how 36 existing solutions can be scaled across 6 sectors, and how proper policy implementation is crucial to meet the target of halving emissions by 50% by 2030.  The roadmap will underpin the agenda and the transformation needed to meet the climate challenge we face. The report, states that exponential technologies such as 5G and IoT, have the potential to play a critical role in this transformative mission.
    Read the new Exponential Roadmap report now.

  3. Partnerships for progress

    The disruptive technology we deliver at Ericsson is one of the most ubiquitous in history. Yet, to ensure the widest possible impact, we work with like-minded partners across our customer base, academia and industry eco-systems to help scale our solutions., world leaders from across business, government, civil society, NGOs and academia will come together for the 2019 Sustainable Development Impact Summit to explore how public-private cooperation, systems thinking and Industry 4.0 technologies can contribute to the Sustainable Development Agenda.

    Here, at the Accelerating Action for Business session, I’ll share what we have been doing at Ericsson to promote public-private partnerships. I’ll also reveal how we leverage both our technologies and the expertise of our employees to deliver on global challenges, such as access to education, and climate action.

  4. Digital skills

    At least 133 million new job roles could be generated as a result of digital transformation by 2022 (World Economic Forum). This will lead to a strong demand for technical skills such as programming, along with skills that computers can’t easily master such as creative thinking, problem-solving and negotiating.

    How can we prepare emerging employment markets for this reality? Through the Ericsson Digital Lab program, we’re partnering with like-minded public and private partners to make it easier for younger generations to enter the world of programming and new technologies. We’re also developing solutions and partnerships to help address the lack of digital connectivity in many schools around the world., something which often happens owing to a lack of finance and business models.

    At Ericsson, we’re happy to see this topic on the week’s agenda and will bring our expertise to the table to help solve this challenge. Find out more about this and other similar initiatives on our access to education page.

    At the UN Solutions Summit, we’ll also join with other leading innovators who focus on education and empowerment. Last year’s #SDGLive broadcast reached 26 million people and shared with an additional 122 million people in 148 countries via social media.

  5. Leaving no one behind

    As Ericsson volunteers begin to wind down the first phase of their response efforts in the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian, the topic of  humanitarian response will be more relevant than ever at. In New York, the World Food Programme (WFP), will convene “The Power of Technology and Data to Leave No One Behind” session. This will showcase how digital technologies are transforming humanitarian assistance and how partnerships can prove vital to this.

    At the session, I’ll share how Ericsson works with WFP and other partners through our flagship employee volunteer program, Ericsson Response.


The Technology for Good Impact Report

Ericsson has a long history of being on the forefront of sustainability and helping to tackle global challenges through the research, innovation, and technologies we deliver and expertise of our employees.

We’re bringing that experience to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Our technology leadership is key, but we know we’ll need to work with partners – customers, the public sector, across industries and academia to name a few, to create positive change in society.

The Technology for Good Impact Report highlights some of the concrete ways we are contributing to communities around the world.

We’re reducing transport emissions with electric and automated vehicles made possible by 5G, and using IoT to revitalize mangrove forests, and enabling financial inclusion through our mobile wallet platform. To name just a few. 

If the Impact Report inspires you, you’ll find our full portfolio of cases available here. 

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