D&I Weekly News Round Up: Neurodiversity, bias and more

Welcome to the latest edition of our Diversity & Inclusion News Round-Up. Today we are talking about ways to battle biases in the workplace, people with disabilities following their passions, how companies are offering inclusive work environments to their neurodiverse employees and why a story about a politician taking paternity leave went viral.

Caroline Berns

Head of Talent Acquisition, MMEA

Head of Talent Acquisition, MMEA


Neurodiverse employees (people who have dyslexia, ADHD, are on the autistic spectrum or have other neurological functions) often face issues at their workplaces. Interesting article featuring companies like Universal Music and Direct Line and their initiatives offering inclusive work environments.


In Japan, men can theoretically take up to one year of paternity leave when their child is born. In reality, only 6% of men take any leave. When a Japanese politician now announced that he will take two weeks off, it went viral. Read more here.


Unconscious biases towards women and minorities remain a huge issue in most corporates. Great podcast with Professor Joan Williams discussing what managers can do to overcome this in their teams. (Read the transcript if you don’t want to listen to the podcast).


Four inspiring stories about people with disabilities who found ways to follow their passions. Watch the video!

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