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OSS Summit 2020: what to expect

As 5G rollouts continue and global adoption rises, service providers' main focus now is monetizing 5G. Enabling enterprise services will be crucial for success, with OSS playing a major role. At the OSS Summit 2020, industry experts are gathering to discuss the latest developments in this area. Find out more, here.

Early rollouts have shown us how real the 5G market potential is. The enterprise market presents a huge opportunity for service providers to significantly increase revenues and market share, and it’s been estimated that industry digitalization will be a USD 700 billion market by 2030.  To enable these new enterprise services and use cases, OSS is key.

However, with 5G the complexity of operating networks will go far beyond what any human can manage. To leverage its full benefits, investing in additional technologies such as Cloud native, orchestration and automation is critical. As an industry, this presents some interesting challenges.

We must embrace these new technologies and make them work together, while establishing new partner ecosystems. The OSS Summit 2020 provides a platform for industry experts to discuss, explore and solve these challenges – together as a community.


What is the OSS Summit?


At the OSS Summit 2020, telecommunications experts and professionals will share recent experiences and discuss the latest industry developments, important topics and use cases. This year’s virtual event will be hosted by British Telecom, running from December 1 to December 3. They’ll also be additional sessions on December 8 and 9 for existing Ericsson orchestration and customer experience and analytics customers. Each daily session will focus on one or more hot topics in OSS, including orchestration, automation and the evolution of OSS strategy.


This year’s theme: unlocking the next generation service experience

We are on the verge entering a 5G-powered world where next generation service experiences are the norm. The essence of mobile communications is being redefined, and it will have a major impact on people, businesses and society.

Ziad Belhadj, Chairman of the summit and Head of Ericsson Orchestration and Fulfilment Sales Support, said: “When we talk about unlocking the next generation service experience, we’re referring to all of the possibilities that 5G enables. In a 5G-powered world, CSPs will have a tremendous opportunity to innovate, to offer new enterprise services across multiples industries and to create new business values. . These service experiences will reshape society as we know it – and OSS will play a key role.”

What can you expect from this event?

This year, service providers’ experiences will take center stage. Their keynote sessions will consist of lively discussions around hot topics in OSS, including:

  • Ericsson OSS Strategy Evolution
  • E2E network Slicing across Core, Edge, RAN and Transport
  • Dedicated Networks
  • Orchestrated SDWAN and SASE
  • Assurance Strategy and use cases
  • AI/ML OSS readiness and use cases
  • Insight Driven Automation
  • 5G and Customer Experience
  • CI/CD
  • Ericsson Contribution to Standards and Open Source
  • Demonstrate use cases

British Telecom, Verizon, Swisscom and Telus are among the operators who will be sharing insights this year. We’ll also hear from TM Forum CEO Nik Willetts, as well as Jan Karlsson, SVP and Head of Ericsson Digital Services, and Peo Lehto, Head of OSS for Ericsson Digital Services.

We’ll also hear from other experts from within and outside of our industry and have plenary breakout sessions to open up the floor for discussions in smaller groups.


Join us at the OSS Summit 2020

Join your industry peers at this exclusive event, which will have guests representing over 60 service providers. Please note, this event is for service providers only.

Register for the Dec 1-3 sessions.


Register for the Dec 8-9 sessions.


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