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Inside Far EasTone’s digital BSS transformation story

As 5G propels us towards a hyper-connected world, service providers will be able to offer an astonishing number of new services – for both enterprises and consumers. However, to support these complex new offerings and improve customer experience, business support systems (BSS) must evolve. Here, we take a look at how Far EasTone Taiwan is preparing for this digital transformation.
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The era of the 5G-powered business is here. Lower latency, faster speeds, improved capacity and better cost-efficiency will completely reshape service providers’ businesses. A vast range of 5G-enabled services will be unlocked, and the enterprise market will present previously untapped opportunities. However, with hyper-connectivity comes added complexity, and ensuring the customer experience remains seamless is criticalIn preparation for thisFar EasTone recently completed a major digital transformation. Below, we share what the company did – and the impact it had on their business.  


Rethinking BSS to create customer-centric experiences 

To address the new market opportunities of IoT and 5G, Far EasTone decided to reposition its enterprise strategy, taking the crucial decision to overhaul its IT and BSS systems to create more personalized customer experiences. Understanding that both existing subscribers and future enterprise customers would require an agile platform that offered customized services in real time, they set out to create superior front-end digital experiences while automating marketing and sales processes in the backendAs an added bonus, Far EasTone also intended to use its four-year transformation journey as a reference case to inspire new enterprise customers.  

Implementing this level of transformation was no small feat. In the East Asian market over two thirds of service providers are still in the 5G planning phases, concentrating on implementing network infrastructure and providing connectivity solutions for their customers. However, transforming IT systems and BSS requires major changes to take place through every layer of the organization, including new ways of working, retraining and educating staff and revising marketing communications 

Using Ericsson Catalog Manager to launch new offerings quickly and Ericsson Order Care to package the new service offeringsFar EasTone could provide more advanced services while decreasing admin time and freeing up resources to focus on improving customer experience. By implementing a convergent order hub,  Far EasTone could also provide its 7 million local subscribers with stable network performance, free from interruptions from software updates. 


Creating more subscriber face time  

A major BSS transformation is about more than reducing costs and increasing efficiency – it’s an essential part of business optimizationBy creating smarter digital systems and letting BSS do the work, you can invest more time into your customers. As a result of Far EasTone’s transformation, customer representatives are now able to: 

  • Retrieve a customer’s full history in three seconds from any store location, and make offering recommendations based on past queries 
  • Complete basic requirements and solve queries in half the time, leaving more time for service representatives to interact with customers
  • Launch new subscriber plans in 2-4 hours, enhancing competitiveness and agility  

Employee time spent conducting admin tasks has also been reduced by three million minutes per month.  


Building a better interface for enterprise customers  

Experts predict that helping enterprises develop and manage 5G and IoT networks will be a crucial role for the service provider of the future. By creating a modular, visualized BSS interface, Far EasTone has already begun establishing its place in the 5G value chain. The interface increaseflexibility for enterprise customers, allowing them to launch innovative new services easil– and even market them.  

In addition to meeting enterprise customer needs and improving their customer experience, they’ve also built a strong digital transformation reference case for enterprise customers.  

This transformation journey is a clear example of how modernizing BSS to improve customer experience can help service providers step into the 5G and IoT enterprise area. Thanks to this project, Far EasTone now has a competitive advantage, and is well on the way to realizing the full potential of 5G.   

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