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D&I Weekly News Round Up: Inclusion & Tech, Bias and more

Welcome to the latest edition of our Diversity & Inclusion News Round-Up. Today we are talking about Unilever’s plan to fight social inequality, the importance of gender equality, bias in recruitment, and how TikTok users rallied to help people with Parkinson’s.
Caroline Berns

Compliance Officer – Leadership & Culture

Compliance Officer – Leadership & Culture


Consumer goods giant Unilever just published a new plan to help fighting social inequality. The company promised to direct significantly more spend to diverse suppliers, offer a more inclusive work environment for its employees – and feature more diverse groups in its advertising.


Gender equality is often still seen as a “nice to have”, rather than a necessity. Good summary from two experts from Harvard Business School on why companies have to push for gender equality – especially during the pandemic.


Researchers from the London School of Economics used AI to analyse search behaviour of recruiters using a large Swiss platform. The tool found that recruiters were biased against women and ethnic minority groups. Interesting was also that the level of discrimination varied, it was higher shortly before lunch and at the end of the working day. Read more here.

Inclusion & Tech

Great story! When Jimmy Choi, an athlete with Parkinson’s disease, posted a video on TikTok about his daily struggle with pillboxes, the 3D printing community co-created a solution within days.

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