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How Ericsson creates value in a limitless world

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Below, Börje Ekholm, President and CEO of Ericsson, shares his vision for the company in 2023.

President & CEO of Ericsson

Börje Ekholm, President & CEO of Ericsson

President & CEO of Ericsson

President & CEO of Ericsson

Today, Ericsson is at the epicenter of a powerful trend, where anything that can go wireless, will go wireless. In this context, we are consistently recognized as a leader in mobile networks.

But we won’t stop there.

We are steadfast in our ambition to accelerate the adoption of AI, edge and cloud technologies across our industry through global standards and the open-source ecosystem.

We are embedding our commitment to Net Zero and a more sustainable future into our core business.

We continue to invest in technology for performance and cost leadership. We have enhanced and expanded our portfolio and are increasing R&D.

Cloud Software and Services is a strategic business, helping our customers prepare their networks for the future.

However, market and technology leadership are not enough. We also need to be an ethical leader. We have taken action to strengthen our culture, implemented more rigorous and effective risk management and are driving our values deep into the organization. This is a top priority.

Where next?

Our strategy is to extend our core leadership while expanding into the enterprise space. 5G is a true platform for digitalizing society and the first generation of wireless technology that will positively disrupt businesses and enterprises. This is a multibillion-dollar opportunity to drive a value-creating paradigm shift for the entire industry.

Executing our enterprise strategy on two fronts

First, Wireless Enterprise Solutions. Here, 5G’s powerful capabilities are enabling an eruption of use cases in sectors as broad as manufacturing, transport and logistics.  Wireless Enterprise Solutions includes market-leading Wireless WAN from Cradlepoint, and Private Networks leveraging our strong radio portfolio.

The second front is powered by our acquisition of Vonage and will drive a new ecosystem, including giving operators a sizeable new monetization opportunity. Our vision is to expose, consume and monetize the 5G features, such as speed and latency, through easy-to-use network APIs. We are working with front-runner customers to shape this market, which can significantly change the way mobile networks are monetized. In addition to subscription revenues, operators can now benefit from a large potential revenue pool from network APIs.  Our objective is to move Ericsson from a networking company, leading the development of wireless technologies, to a platform company – leveraging 5G as the most powerful innovation platform ever seen.

It’s all about our people

Ericsson’s vision is a world where limitless connectivity improves lives, redefines business and pioneers a sustainable future. Our brilliant people are at its centre. They will execute on our strategy and deliver long term stakeholder value. The quality, engagement and commitment of our team will enable our success as we redefine both our company and our industry.

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