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D&I Weekly News Round-Up: Bias, Discrimination, and more

Welcome to the latest edition of our Diversity & Inclusion News Round-Up. Today we talk about gender bias in performance evaluations, discriminatory facial recognition software, gender-neutral toy aisles, and the Pope approving blessings for same-sex couples.

Compliance Officer – Leadership & Culture

Caroline Berns - Head of D&I and Talent Acquisition MMEA

Compliance Officer – Leadership & Culture

Compliance Officer – Leadership & Culture


Insightful HBR article about gender bias in performance evaluations – highlighting the discrepancies between how managers perceive employees' behaviours and how they value them, based on gender.


American drugstore chain Rite Aid has been banned from utilizing facial recognition software in stores for the next five years. This decision was made after the software wrongly and disproportionally identified Black, Latino, and Asian customers as potential shoplifters. Read more here.


Last week, the Pope announced that the Catholic Church has revised Vatican policy, and priests will now be allowed to bless same-sex couples.

Gender stereotypes

Many toy stores still categorize their products by gender, blue aisles for boys and pink aisles for girls. A new law in California will now require major retailers to also provide gender-neutral toy aisles, to combat gender stereotypes. Read more here.

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