5G in the UK: Ericsson and the West Midlands bringing a new age

This past month, Ericsson took part in a 5G demo event in partnership with Birmingham City University (BCU) and the West Midlands 5G organization (WM5G). Held at Birmingham’s Millennium Point, the three-day event featured a number of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and Internet of Things (IoT) demos to showcase the positive impacts 5G has in store for people and businesses alike.

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VP – Service Providers & IOT

VP – Service Providers & IOT

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The event days, which ran from September 10 to 12, saw a great turnout overall, and a number of industry experts, local authority members, and VIP partners were invited to experience the superfast speeds, reliable connectivity, and countless possibilities of 5G. Demonstrations at the event included 5G-enabled augmented reality, cloud-enabled robots, and a 360-degree visualization of proposed developments within an existing cityscape, just to name a few.

Late last year, the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport chose the West Midlands to be the UK’s first multi-city 5G test area – a monumental decision for the region. Now, a year later, the successful event has firmly cemented the West Midland’s position as a hotbed for 5G innovation in areas such as AI, VR, autonomous vehicles, and smart factories. For the UK, the West Midlands is leading the way in bringing the innovations of tomorrow today.

Beyond Birmingham’s demo event, the entire country’s potential for leading the world in the digital transformation of businesses and industries is beginning to be unlocked with 5G supported by Ericsson.

You hear it in the news. You read it in the paper. But why is 5G so pivotal?

5G represents the better world of tomorrow. It provides speeds up to ten times faster than 4G, resulting in significant citizen, public, and private sector advantages across the healthcare, manufacturing, and construction industries. Consolidating legacy technologies while simultaneously delivering consistently high-volume, real-time data connectivity, 5G helps businesses discover and deploy the full capabilities of industry-changing technologies – such as IoT, AI, and VR – where superior connectivity is a prerequisite. 5G is efficient, faster, better. For once, the hype is real.

But the next generation of connectivity is about more than just new technology. Businesses will require a trusted partner to ensure optimum performance, resilience, and security as well as ongoing service innovation. With significant experience delivering high-performance networks, enterprise services, business consultancy, cloud environments, and more, service providers already have everything in place to support the digitization of industries.

Ready or not, 5G is happening now, and Ericsson is driving with its partners toward the global commercial availability of 5G services . Together with this Swedish company built up from great ambitions, the UK’s plans for the future of technology are being realized today. Our joint event in Birmingham is an indicator of the coming of a more efficient, more technologically capable, and more connected United Kingdom.


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