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Being a Java developer within Ericsson’s R&D centre France

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Vaishnavi Arumugam, Java Developer

I started with Ericsson about 2 months ago, but it feels like I’m already very much part of the team. By joining the R&D centre, it opened a world of new opportunities. I felt that everyone was very passionate about their development and were encouraged to produce great coding.

There have been three areas that have really stood out for me.

1. Global Collaboration

From Paris to Germany, our developers work together in order to solve some of the toughest challenges our clients face. I’ve noticed that if you are an Intern, or a Senior Developer, you get the opportunity to collaborate with other areas of the Ericsson business across the globe – from Robotics to Serviceability projects. Our team is developing a new project for the URe5 robot that will be handled by the Java developers from scratch.

2. Development opportunities

It really feels that personal development is engrained in everything we do.  There are several projects to work on, so there are always additional skills you can develop.  I’ve also had access to Senior Developers have become mentors.

3. Industry leading

As a Java developer at Ericsson, I’ve been working on cutting edge technologies that will change the world. 5G development is at the centre of our portfolio, and within our R&D space, I’m gaining experience in technologies that has far surpassed my expectations.

About the R&D centre

Opened in January 2020, Ericsson France R&D center located in Paris area, is dedicated to 5G software and security, and is committed to accelerating 5G momentum in Europe with Ericsson. Automation and AI will be part of our new activities.  We are in a strong development phase, with the target to reach 300 employees by 2023.

We are looking for a number of Java developers to join us, including junior & more senior positions.

To apply for one of our Java developer opportunities, please click here.


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