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Being a Senior Developer in Packet Core team at Ericsson Hungary

Read about Ferenc’s experience as a Senior Developer in Packet Core team at Ericsson Hungary.

I have been at Ericsson since 2007, and I am currently a Senior Test Engineer after working in various different roles, such as 3rd Line Support Engineer and Test Engineer. I joined because I wanted to be part of a team that plays a major role in the telecommunications industry. Ericsson is key player in the evolution of mobile networks and is paving the way for many new technologies, such as 5G, IOT, Cloud and AI. In Hungary, it is one of the largest telecommunications and software R&D companies, supplying 5G mobile network for one of the largest service providers in the country. All this makes Ericsson a great place to be if you want to be at the forefront of telecommunications.

Ferenc Táncos, Senior Developer in Packet Core team at Ericsson Hungary

Here are the top three things which I really appreciate about working at Ericsson.


The culture here is open, friendly, and welcoming - I am still friends with the people I worked with on my very first project at Ericsson! I have made many friends with people from around the world, and we still keep in touch, even if some of us are no longer working together. When I first entered the building, I could feel that it was very easy to talk to everybody, which hasn't changed in the 15 years I have been here.

There are social events, such as our football championship, which is like a big party with food and drink. The company also takes part in the local Researchers Night, where students, or people interested in the company can have a look at what we do.


Ericsson is a leader in the telecommunications industry, which means I can work with technologies that are shaping our world, such as the 5G core network, which enables IoT, and remote communication between things like cars and facilitates remote medical consultations.

I get the opportunity to work with and work on a range of technologies in my role. including 4G, 5G, Evolved Packet Gateway (EPG), Packet Core Gateway (PCG), and tools such as Linux, JCAT, Java, Python, C/C++, Kubernetes and Ericsson Cloud Execution Environment.

In our cross functional team, we work on features for the User Plane Functions, which is a part of the 4G and 5G core network. Our work directly affects the mobile users around the world, and this is the best thing about what I do - I work on things which are used every day and are creating the future.

Career Progression and Training

I have received a lot of support throughout my time at Ericsson to change roles, develop my career, and learn new skills. It is easy to switch between projects and my managers always supported me when I wanted to learn new technologies.

In terms of training, I get more than enough opportunities to improve my skills and learn new ones. Before Covid, we used to have off-site training, which are costly, and if I worked for smaller company, it might not have been able to provide these. Trainings are not solely about technical skills but also soft skills, for example, I recently completed a communications training to learn how to provide better feedback.

About Ericsson Hungary Packet Core

The Packet Core team in Hungary is rapidly expanding. We are a group of people who are passionate about making a positive impact on telecommunications around the world through new and exciting technology.

You can learn more about Ericsson Hungary Packet Core here.  

If you are interested in joining the team, please find out more here.

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