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An Introduction to Ericsson Mexico Digital Services

Read about Ericsson Mexico Digital Services and meet some of our colleagues.
Cityscape of Mexico City, home of Ericsson Mexico Digital Services

The Digital Services team in Mexico is a group of around 300 engineers which includes systems engineers, integration engineers, cloud infrastructure engineers and solution architects, all dedicated to supporting implementation and integration of the latest 4G and 5G telecommunications technology and infrastructure to our customers’ networks in Latin America and North America. We facilitate the increased speed in data delivery and make more services available to users.

To us, it’s extremely important work and being at Ericsson means we work with the latest technology to help provide society with the best solutions to their telecommunications needs. Read on to get more insight into working in Digital Services in Ericsson Mexico from some of our colleagues.


The innovative technology we work with along with Ericsson’s vision of improving telecommunications, it’s what makes working at here so exciting. Jonathan, one of our Solution Architects, says “Ericsson has a vision of where telecommunications could be, and a strategy to achieve that vision which keeps us relevant to the market.” He also explains that Ericsson are also constantly looking forward, “we are implementing 5G, but Ericsson are already looking at what is next. We are even already talking about 6G now!”

Jonathan, Solution Architect, Mexico Digital Services

Andy, another one of our Solution Architects, agrees that at Ericsson you get the chance to work with the latest technology, he explains: “We are on the corner of launching 5G networks around the world, it’s not easy to find this in any other company. We have been and continue to work on the very latest technology.”

Andy, Solution Architect, Digital Services Mexico

In Mexico Digital Services, being able to have access to a wide range of technologies is what makes the roles so exciting, Carlos, an Integration Engineer who has been at Ericsson for nearly 12 years explains that he “gets the opportunity to work with CI/CD Automation, Ericsson Orchestrator, with cloud technology and Kubernetes.”

Carlos, Integration Engineer, Mexico Digital Services


We are directly involved in implementing the latest telecommunications technology to improve communication services, it’s no wonder that colleagues feel like they are making a positive impact on society. Jonathan, even goes as far as to call himself a “superhero without a mask.”

Paola, an Integration Engineer, agrees as she works on helping businesses to cloud technology which has a big impact to how businesses are run: “I work on helping customers make the transition from physical hardware to virtual cloud technology. In order to make this happen, a different infrastructure is needed which I help create so that customers seamlessly transition to cloud.”

Paola, Integration Engineer, Mexico Digital Services

Carlos describes how he believes his work contributes to and how this motivates him: “The work I do has an impact on people’s day to day activities and society, such as using their phone, streaming TV, I can see how easy it is now to perform these tasks where formerly it would have taken more time. I take part in making this happen, it’s exciting! It’s motivating to see how my work changes the lives of other people.”

Training and growth

To deliver the best solutions, Ericsson provides our team with all the training and support they need to improve professionally and personally. This can lead to career opportunities, moving on to new roles, as well as providing the tools to develop skills which will help them in their future role.

With these resources and support available, Joel, an Integration Engineer, says that he is always learning new things: “I am always learning new things. There is an internal knowledge base of Ericsson’s and 3rd Party technologies available for me to use. I work on Packet Core, Cloud and Automation, and I am always learning and improving myself.”

Joel, Integration Engineer, Mexico Digital Services

Along with the opportunities to learn new skills and improve capabilities. There is also a lot of opportunity to grow and develop careers at Ericsson. Paola joined as a graduate in May 2015 and has worked in various roles across Ericsson since, in her latest move from Customer Project Manager to Integration Engineer, she says “My manager supported me make the transition by helping me discover which areas I could move into and offered all the support I needed.”

Jonathan also believes that there is a lot of opportunity to grow at Ericsson, he says “Once you join Ericsson, you don’t just have a job, you have a career. I started as a graduate, Ericsson helped me grow and prepare me for what I have now become – a delivery manager for 33 people and part of the leadership team in Mexico Digital Services.”

The Future of Digital Services in Mexico

We are a continuously growing team, and as we win more business, we welcome new team members to join us in delivering the future of telecommunications using our innovative solutions and technology.

If you want to be part of the future of telecommunications, please click here to find out more and apply.

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