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A look at my role as the Head of Cloud RAN Engineering Environment and Services

Read about Sarah Jane’s experience as the Head of Cloud RAN Engineering Environment and Services

Head of Cloud RAN Engineering Environment and Services, Ericsson Ireland

Head of Cloud RAN Engineering Environment and Services, Ericsson Ireland

Head of Cloud RAN Engineering Environment and Services, Ericsson Ireland

I have been with Ericsson for nearly 20 years and have had the opportunity to work in various roles, products, and countries. What keeps me excited about working in our industry is that our work is never done and therefore my passion for learning is always fulfilled.

I started out as a software developer in OSS in Athlone. Over the years, I have worked on all aspects of the software development flow from development to verification, programs & operations, and product line maintenance. I have always been curious about how we develop and deliver value to our customers and over the years have worked in various roles pushing the boundaries of how we develop and deliver software and driving CICD and Cloud Native transformations. Moving into Cloud RAN Engineering Environment there are a lot of exciting challenges, we have an opportunity to try out new technology, change how we work and bring our customers along a DevOps journey with us.

Sarah Jane, Head of Cloud RAN Engineering Environment and Services, Ericsson Ireland

Career progression and training

What motivates me is continuous learning and improvement – we can always do and be better; technology is always changing there is so much more to learn. Being part of defining the next phase of the Ericsson and Cloud RAN journey is very exciting!

My team provides Cloud RAN production system services to all the Cloud RAN engineering units. Our focus is on providing resilient Cloud Native production pipeline services, including digital testing, self-service, and as-a-service provisioning of infrastructure, and enabling the Cloud RAN DevOps journey.

The unit requires strong collaboration with the other Cloud RAN Product engineering units and Engineering Environment units across BNEW and BCSS to ensure we are driving together towards providing our engineers a future proof Ericsson Engineering Environment that is easy to use and improve their user experience.


At Ericsson we aspire to be the best. As a technology leader in the telecoms industry, our focus is to build secure and sustainable networks that are trusted to perform at the highest standard. Cloud revolutionizes the way we think about networks. Being part of the driving the next phase in this technology evolution is exciting, we can innovate with the latest technology and have an impact for good on the world around us.

Leadership style

As a leader, transparency and integrity are important to me. I believe that comes from open lines of communication and sharing all the facts enabling us to make the most informed decisions to take the right actions moving forward. With transparency and integrity comes the mutual trust which will make us an unstoppable team.

Personal life

My greatest teachers are my children, Conor, Rian and Aoibh, I learn so much from them every day and how they see the world around them, it inspires me to see them excited by the technology we all help build. They remind me to continue to be curious and never shy away from a challenge.

In my spare time I love to run and am currently training for the Toronto marathon in October. There is a saying in long distance running “The only opponent you have to beat is yourself and how you used to be”. Continuous improvement is important to me, we can always be better than we were yesterday.

Sarah Jane's family


One thing I did not put enough effort into earlier in my career was building a diverse network of people. You cannot do it alone, connect with people, who support you, people who will sponsor and advocate for you, people you aspire to be like and people who think differently than you. Everyone in your network will impact you. Diverse perspectives bring better solutions.

About Ericsson Ireland

We are always looking for people to join the team at our Athlone site in Ireland and help build the future of telecommunication technology. To find how you could be part of the team and our site at Athlone click here.

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