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Being an Integration Engineer at Ericsson Mexico Digital Services

Discover what Paola, an Integration Engineer at Mexico Digital Services thinks about the technology and culture at Ericsson.

I have been at Ericsson since May 2015, and I am currently an Integration Engineer in Mexico Digital Services. I studied Engineering in Electronics and Telecommunications at university, and I worked as a calculus teacher for one year before joining Ericsson in a graduate role.

There are three things I especially enjoy about working at Ericsson.

Paola Malleli Soriano, Integration Engineer at Ericsson Mexico Digital Services


The main reason I joined Ericsson as a graduate was because of what I saw Ericsson was working on. I saw the new technology they were using, and it made me want to be part of the organization. Since joining, I have been given the opportunity to work with everything Ericsson develops such as 4G, 5G and cloud technology; I learn something new every day.

Through my current role where I help customers make the transition from physical hardware to virtual cloud technology, I get to work with all the new technology. In order to transition hardware to cloud, a different infrastructure is needed which I help create so that customers seamlessly transition to cloud.

Culture and values

One of the things I really appreciate about working here is the culture and values which emphasizes employee welfare and wellbeing. Ericsson really cares about their employees; this allows us to manage time between our work and family. For example, during the pandemic, Ericsson provided me with a monitor, laptop, chair and desk to use at home so we could work remotely.

I like working at Ericsson because of the culture here, the focus on wellbeing and the respect we have for each other and the values. I’m happy to be part of this big and amazing company.

Career and professional development

One unique aspect of my current role is that we make decisions as a team, no one person makes the decision. I think it’s a good way of working because it allows me to learn new things all the time. This also makes me feel recognised, that my contributions and ideas are considered.

My colleagues are also very willing to help me find the right role. Before I became an Integration Engineer, I worked as a Customer Project Manager. My manager helped me make the transition and offered all the support I needed.

In terms of training, Ericsson provides a lot of tools for development and training. For example, I undertook a one-month course on Dockers and Kubernetes which Ericsson paid for, and I received my diploma at the end. We can fit our work around our training.

The future of Digital Services in Mexico

You can be part of the future at Mexico Digital Services. We are a continuously growing team as we win more business. We have openings for Integration Engineers, Solution Architects, Packet Core Engineers and many other roles. Join us in delivering the future of telecommunications using our innovative solutions and technology.

If you want to help create the future of telecommunications, please click here to find out more and apply.

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