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Today’s Marketing: New opportunities in a digitized world

Head of Marketing, Communications, and S&CR, Middle East & Africa

Marketing in the digital era

Head of Marketing, Communications, and S&CR, Middle East & Africa

Head of Marketing, Communications, and S&CR, Middle East & Africa

Technology has played a great role in transforming our everyday lives, impacting the way in which we interact with our surroundings and altering our decision-making habits.

Before, we used to rely on traditional sources to gain insights about our customers' needs or to learn about certain products or services. Those sources were in the forms of media like newspapers and radio advertisements or traditional researches. Today, the mediums with which we could access such information is almost limitless – and so are the possibilities of what we can do with the unprecedented advances in technology to shift users' behaviors and ultimately form their perception.

Today, we live in a world where we are in constant contact with various advertisements and messages, and without realizing it we're constantly absorbing information. It's no doubt that consumers have become aware of the tips and tricks that we, as marketing professionals, use to catch their ever-waning attention. That being said, an important question stands: Is establishing a physical presence at major events like the Mobile World Congress still relevant in today's digitally-driven world?

Let's start with the basics.

  • How technology revolutionized marketing & communications:
    The rapid rise of a tech culture has had a vast impact on the world of marketing and communications – fundamentally altering the role of the brand builder. The focus is now on the transformative power of ICT, offering a glimpse into what's achievable and how we can use that to deliver great consumer journeys across various platforms, whether print or digital.

    One of the most fascinating dynamics is the rapid pace of change in marketing tools and the growing demand for more instant, real-time experiences. So, it comes as no surprise that new technologies are changing the way we operate as a business function, pushing us to become more digital and tech-driven than ever before.

    Social media is the first aspect that comes to mind when I think of a digitally-driven marketing space. It has become part of our social infrastructure and an everyday habit. Although consumers are now sharing less, social media services are too intrinsic in their lives to be abandoned. As revealed in one of our recent ConsumerLab reports, #OMG Social media is here to stay, one in five respondents believe they will get more of their news from social media in the next five years, and over 60% believe their social media usage will increase.

    But in trying to manage this rapid pace of digital transformation, the same question is still valid, can we overlook the importance of a human connection?

    As marketers, we want to engage and give our customers the opportunity to live our brand story, not just tell them. The immense care and attention we take, be it at owned experience events or at leading trade shows around the world, is precisely for this purpose.

  • Expos in the digital age:
    So where does a major event like Mobile World Congress fit in today

    When individuals can watch a video, consume a blog post or submerse themselves in a virtual reality tour of 'the next big thing', missing out is no longer a worry and physical absence is not a barrier to gaining first-hand information on latest innovations and corporate updates.

    If we really think of it, consumers and creators are simultaneously shaped by, and shaping the new knowledge economy. Our customers are very interested in knowing how they can tap into future opportunities and unleash the business potential of 5G and IoT. We are no longer the linear, process-oriented rational world of the industrial revolution, and events like Mobile World Congress 2019 give customers the perfect opportunity to experience intangible technologies through tangible demonstrations.

    From February 25th, Ericsson will showcase the business potential of 5G, AI, and IoT. The upcoming event will offer an opportunity to discover future trends and to understand the technologies that will drive the new global economy. It is where tech, business, and culture converge, and where we gain access to emerging technologies that matter. More than that, it gives us a chance to bring the intangible to life.

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