It’s both an extraordinary and critical time to be a woman

Eva Andrén - IWD2020

Vice President and Head of Managed Services

Vice President and Head of Managed Services

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The narrowing of the gender gap is remarkable to witness, yet the influx of females into the tech and business worlds in particular remains at a slow pace. What’s interesting is that despite the still shy number of women in tech and business impacting roles the contributions of those women are visible and impactful.

Even though there is still great effort to be exerted to reach gender parity, there is solace in the work of these women and how it is influencing the progression of our societies.

A critical question here is what kind of responsibility do these influential women carry? How urgent is the need to extend their sense of empowerment to others? The fact is women in positions of influence need to utilize this influence to mentor and inspire others, specifically women. It is rather urgent. It may seem like a small action compared to the efforts put throughout history; however, it can have a steady rippling effect.

Success stories are attractive, but practical mentoring helps one excel and advance effectively. Now imagine an environment where we have more women mentors able to empower other women as they sail not only through a foundational junction in their professional lives, but also in a fairly new professional reality. For many women around the world, they’re just beginning to grasp the kind of capabilities they possess and the opportunities around them, so it’s important for them to see the ways in which they can establish their professional identity.

As the tech industry moves toward more sustainable solutions that empower women’s success in the field, women leaders can ensure others are able to offer their own strategic contributions which will ultimately have an impact on a larger scale.

"The year 2020 represents an unmissable opportunity to mobilize global action to achieve gender equality and human rights of all women and girls." This International Women's Day, let us remember to praise ourselves and one another for our intelligence, leadership and resilience, ultimately eliminating self-doubt. Imagine a world much fairer than the one we live in today, where no one is left behind, and notice how everyone's lives (men and women alike) would be transformed.

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