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Ericsson in Oman: Celebrating five decades of technological leadership and strategic partnership

In the heart of the Middle East, Oman emerges as a beacon of progress and digital transformation. As the country stands at the crossroads of a new era, poised to redefine its future through innovation and connectivity, this pivotal juncture presents a moment to reflect on a partnership that has been instrumental in sculpting the nation’s digital landscape. This year, Ericsson proudly marks 50 years of unwavering commitment, pioneering innovation, and strategic alliance with the Sultanate of Oman—a journey that has transcended beyond business to become a cornerstone of the nation’s modern identity.

Vice President and Head of Gulf Council Countries at Ericsson Middle East & Africa

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Vice President and Head of Gulf Council Countries at Ericsson Middle East & Africa

Vice President and Head of Gulf Council Countries at Ericsson Middle East & Africa

On May 14, 1973, a landmark agreement was forged between Oman’s Ministry of Communication and Ericsson. More than a contract, this was the blueprint for Oman’s inaugural National Telephone infrastructure network. With Ericsson’s expertise, Oman was seamlessly connected, bridging vast distances with 23 automatic exchanges and a capacity of 12,000 lines, heralding a transformative era and setting the stage for a digital revolution.

A Testament to Technological Evolution

From our foundational years in the 70’s to leading advancements in the 5G era, Ericsson’s journey in Oman mirrors the nation’s own technological ascent. As Oman navigated its path of digital transformation, Ericsson has remained a steadfast partner, fuelling the Sultanate’s digital aspirations with resilient, future-ready communication networks.

Delving into our legacy, the 1984 introduction of the first Public Mobile Automatic Telephone System marked a significant milestone in Oman’s telecommunications history. This was followed by our role in the launch of Oman’s first mobile networks and the introduction of 3G services in 2005. Fast forward to 2012, and Ericsson was once again at the forefront, launching 4G services in Oman, further solidifying our dedication to driving technological excellence in the region. In recent years, our work has extended to pioneering IoT solutions, enabling smart city initiatives and contributing to Oman’s vision of a connected and sustainable future.

Vision 2040: A Digital Odyssey

As Ericsson continues to forge its legacy in Oman, the nation is embarking on a monumental journey of its own. Central to this evolution is Oman’s Vision 2040. More than a strategic plan, it embodies the nation’s ambition for economic and social progression from 2021 to 2040, serving as the cornerstone for Oman’s sectoral strategies and five-year development blueprints.

In harmony with this transformative vision, Ericsson has emerged as a pivotal partner in nation-building. Our collaborations with telecommunications leaders, such as Omantel, Vodafone, and Ooredoo Oman, have consistently redefined the digital landscape.

As we look to the future, investment in 5G technology is fundamental to Oman, especially as COVID-19 has driven greater demand for connectivity. Ericsson is putting in place all our technology and expertise to deliver a cutting-edge telecommunications infrastructure that will support the growth of new jobs, accelerate the digital economy, and create a platform of unparalleled innovation. We are boosting our local delivery capabilities to support Oman’s ambitious connectivity targets and help prepare for a digital future that is full of exciting opportunities for consumers and new industries in line with Vision 2040.

Beyond Technology: Shaping Transformative Experiences

But our commitment to Oman extends beyond digital experiences. A standout initiative is the Center of Excellence for Advanced Telecommunications Technology and IoT, a strategic component of the Oman Tawazun (Offset) Program, aimed at shaping Oman’s future. Through mentorship programs, knowledge transfer sessions, and research collaborations, Ericsson is pioneering the next wave of telecommunications in Oman. Our partnership with the New York Academy of Sciences offers Omani students a unique opportunity to engage in a global STEM innovation challenge, fostering creativity and collaboration.

Recognizing the Omani youth’s potential and passion, we have partnered with Omantel to launch an entrepreneurship program. This initiative aims to ignite innovation and nurture entrepreneurial spirit within the region, empowering the next generation of leaders and innovators.

At Ericsson, we envision a future where technology seamlessly intertwines with everyday life, enhancing experiences and creating lasting impacts.

A Journey of Shared Aspirations

Ericsson’s 50-year journey in Oman is a narrative of trust, collaboration, and shared ambition. As we gaze into the horizon, our mission remains clear: to empower Oman with unparalleled technological prowess. With the continued evolution of 5G and emerging technologies, the possibilities are boundless.

As we stand shoulder to shoulder with our partners in Oman, our commitment to spearheading digital transformation remains resolute. With half a century behind us, we’re excited for the chapters yet to be written, confident that the zenith of our shared journey is on the horizon.

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