Ericsson Operations Engine: Powering new levels of connectivity

As we race towards a new digital era powered by 5G, IoT and the 4th industrial revolution, reliable, secure, and robust connectivity will be critical. Complexity will increase with every added device, node, and application. It’s predicted that by 2022, the number of connected devices worldwide will reach 29 billion. This means mobile networks will be facing new pressure in terms of usage, performance, versatility, and efficiency.

VP Business Management, T-Mobile Operate Services

VP Business Management, T-Mobile Operate Services

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To advance in the digital era, network operations will need to depend on advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI), automation and analytics. The need to move from reactive to proactive is also key. An automation-driven services partner, like Ericsson, can enable a shift from the reactive and network-centric operations of old, to the predictive and service-centric operations of the future.

The Ericsson Operations Engine is designed to handle the increased complexity of networks operations, using AI, automation, data analytics, and a wealth of human expertise. It’s built to help you transform with efficiency, performance and security, and to modernize the customer experience with a smooth transitioning process.

Modernize the customer experience

Customer experience is quickly becoming the main differentiator among operators as consumers’ expectations intensify. Delivering consistent performance and reliability are critical to the success of next generation networks.

Our solutions combine deep domain expertise with advanced technologies like AI and machine learning, to deliver performance, reliability, and flexibility to meet the dynamic needs of customers. Its data-driven approach helps predict and manage network problems before they become user issues. It drives superior customer experiences, increased average revenue per user (ARPU), reduced churn, and cost reductions.

Transform with efficiency

Leveraging AI and automation is critical to optimizing network efficiency. We combine these advanced components and capabilities into one powerful solution that enables you to drive efficiency and pave the way for innovation.  

With more devices and greater network complexity, comes an increased risk for security-related events. Being able to detect threats proactively is key. Using AI solutions helps transition your network operations from being reactive to proactive. Automatically fixing faults before they impact customer experience.

Fuel innovation

High-performance and flexible operations are fundamental to successful innovation.

Whether you’re ready to unlock the power of 5G or IoT or lay the groundwork for new business, the Ericsson Operations Engine provides the performance, flexibility, and scale to accelerate innovation across the network. We can enhance customer experience, drive efficiency, and pave the way for innovation on next generation networks.

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