Helping operators be more agile in times of crisis

The ability to connect has never been more important. In this time of crisis, networks must be responsive. As a leader in 5G, Ericsson is working with operators to bring the latest technology to Americans. By working together, we can make sure there are no gaps in connectivity during this challenging time.

Helping operators be more agile in times of crisis

Head of Digital Services

Head of Digital Services

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Our networks must be ready for anything

During these trying times, it’s become clear how important our network connectivity is. With so many people working and learning from home, communication networks need to be stable as they have become even more essential to our daily lives. Networks must also be flexible so operators can adapt and change their plans and structures on the fly to make sure all Americans can connect when needed. And they must have the ability to extend and strengthen capacity and coverage, as we can’t have people worrying about connecting when they have enough to worry about already.

The operators we work with understand these realities and realize that upgrading, modernizing, and moving to 5G is more critical than ever. When responsiveness is so critical for operators, the increased performance that 5G offers is not just a nice-to-have but a must-have. This level of urgent change is difficult to manage, and Ericsson’s Digital Services team is standing with operators, enabling them to tackle these issues and keep their customers connected in the ways they want when it matters most.

Making sure there is no gap in connectivity

Our employees, like so many others, are now working from their homes. I’m proud of our Ericsson Digital Services employees, who have continued to support network upgrades and expansions so there is no gap in the mission-critical support for the operators we work with. That means operators can adjust their networks and respond to customer demands as needed.

And with unprecedented speed and flexibility, as 5G becomes a reality for our customers, they will be capable of delivering more data with greater responsiveness and reliability than ever before. It’s becoming clearer every day that networks must evolve to keep up with user demands.

For example, Ericsson very quickly helped two Tier 1 operators in America extend services for affected subscribers due to the COVID-19 situation and gave our customers the flexibility to easily provide credits to subscribers as well. The turnaround from Ericsson happened in less than 24 hours and helped the operators meet their FCC pledge to “Keep America Connected.” Ericsson’s Digital Services team stepped up to help the operator meet the needs of their subscribers.

Helping operators evolve to meet new demands

When operators are rushing to meet the needs of their customers like this, speed is crucial. It’s not enough to react to problems and address them as they arise. That’s why our software delivery pipeline and configurable software products are is critical for helping operators to be more agile when it comes to their customers. When upgrades or updates are required, Ericsson enables operators to implement them quickly and keep their customers connected and satisfied.

An event like COVID-19 underscores the need for network investment at a national level. 5G offers increased performance in speed, latency, scale, and reliability that will connect industries and society at scale in very new ways. It’s a level of connectivity that can help keep both essential workers and employees working from home connected to their families.  At Ericsson, we are focused on bringing 5G together with AI, machine learning, and automation to help operators manage the new levels of complexity they’re facing and help end-users experience reliable and trusted networks no matter where they are. The networks that Americans rely on need to work for them and Ericsson is working to make that a reality. It’s why we are enabling operators to embrace opportunities and challenges and react to customer needs in a more efficient manner.

5G is a must-have

It’s become clear that investing in networks, and 5G in particular, is critical to our future and how we handle events like this. The higher data rates of 5G will enable users to download content more quickly and 5G capacity will only increase as the network expands.  Users will also see lower latency with 5G, leading to less delays and lag when using their network, something critical for the Enterprise users. These are not just future outlooks; they are happening today. Ericsson is working to help bring 5G to America and we continue to make the key investments needed to be a 5G leader in the US.

We are proud to support our customers with their switch to 5G. Ericsson continues to make key investments to help 5G become a reality in America with R&D centers in Boston and Santa Clara, five Centers of Excellence to train tower crews building the 5G network, as well as an ASICs design center, 5G Virtual Innovation Center and new smart manufacturing plant in Texas. We are a trusted US supplier and employer and we are committed to ensuring US leadership in 5G. Ericsson is working with operators to help them modernize, digitize, and shape their new business models and take advantage of 5G so that end users can experience the benefits of a modern network and stay connected.

We are working beside our customers to keep America running

We are living in a time of urgent change. Operators must adapt to the needs of their customers and Ericsson is here to help. We are committed to keeping networks at their highest performance possible so that all Americans can stay connected.

We are here to help operators be more agile and responsive, especially in times of crisis, making sure that the evolving needs of Americans are addressed. There has never been a more critical time to ensure that America’s network is modern and up to the task of working for the people using it. And Ericsson is here to help realize that possibility and keep America running.

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