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Alejandra Prado

Sourcing Category Manager for IT Hardware
Alejandra Prado

Ericsson North America

Alejandra Prado is the Sourcing Category Manager for IT Hardware for Ericsson North America. Alejandra is focused on ensuring any third-party hardware solutions Ericsson leverages provide the most value and are profitable.

Outside of her typical roles and responsibilities, she is passionate about inspiring girls and women to pursue STEM-related interests. Since 2018, Alejandra has played a foundational role in extending Ericsson's reach with the Ericsson-Girl Scouts Alliance. This includes developing STEM education and 

mentoring programs for North America, strategically allocating funds to related initiatives, advocating for underserved communities who need earlier and more frequent exposure to STEM, and investing time in giving back to the community. Alejandra has an MBA from The University of Texas at Dallas.