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Gabriel Telles O’Neill

Gabriel Telles O’Neill


He has been working in the R&D field for Ericsson’s network products division since he first joined in 2013. The big, common thread during his day-to-day life is figuring out how to use technology for the greater good.

Gabriel's passions become most evident whenever he is on his "Quest for New":

  • Meeting someone new; from working with a fresh team, to trying out different ways of working with people
  • Creating something new; from brainstorming novel ideas to soldering the wires on a prototype
  • Learning something new; from exploring a new subject to running workshops to relay these insights to more people

Currently based out of Ericsson's Ottawa office, Gabriel's quest for new challenges tends to have him be involved in an ever-growing number of organizational enhancement initiatives ranging from innovation, talent development, employee engagement, new opportunities, and even serving as part of the Executive Team's Advisory Board from 2018-2019.