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Raúl Katz

Raúl Katz
Raúl Katz (PhD-Political Science and Management Science, MS-Communications Technology and Policy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MA and BA-Communication Sciences, University of Paris, MA-Political Science, Paris-Sorbonne University).

Dr. Katz worked for twenty years at Booz Allen & Hamilton, where he served as Lead Partner in the Telecommunications Practices in the Americas and as a member of the firm's leadership team. Upon retiring from Booz Allen, he founded Telecom Advisory Services LLC in April 2006. In addition to leading Telecom Advisory Services, Dr. Katz is the Director of Business Strategy Research at the Columbia Institute for Tele-Information at Columbia Business School (New York), and Visiting Professor for the Telecommunications Management Program at the University of San Andres (Argentina).

Dr. Katz has carried out numerous studies on the economic impact of broadband and digitization in the United States, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Senegal, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, the Philippines, South Korea and Arab Countries, as well as the impact of taxation regimes on mobile broadband in the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Bangladesh and South Africa. He also led the development of a National Broadband Strategy in Costa Rica and collaborated in the evaluation of Vive Digital in Colombia, the development of the National Digital Agenda of Mexico, the preparation of the National Digital Agenda for Argentina, and the development of the National Broadband Plan of Ecuador.

He has consulted with major companies in the telecommunications and digital industries, as well as the World Bank, the International Telecommunications Union, the Inter-American Development Bank, CAF Development Bank for Latin America, the UN Economic Commission for Latin America, the GSMA, Cable Europe, the CTIA, and NCTA. He published over fifty articles and five books:

The Information Society: an International Perspective (New Yorl: Praeger, 1988); El ecosistema y la economía digital en América Latina (Madrid: Ariel, 2015); Driving demand for broadband networks and services (London: Springer, 2014); El papel de las TIC en el Desarrollo: propuesta de América Latina a los retos económicos actuales (Madrid: Ariel, 2009); and Creative Destruction: business survival strategies in the global Internet economy (Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press, 2002).