Serdar Sahin

Director of Product Management for Ericsson and Business Coach
Serdar Sahin

Ericsson ONE US

Serdar’s passion is to support innovators to make the world a safer and happier place to live. He currently works in Ericsson ONE with several intrapreneurs on projects such as “Maritime Mesh Networks” and “Consistent and Seamless Connectivity”.

Serdar has an MSc degree from University of Maryland at College Park and 19 years of telecommunications experience in solutions design and creation, delivery, and prime system integration leadership. In Ericsson, Serdar led multiple high impact projects such as First VoIP Global Mobile Satellite Service, First Mobile IPTV and First Virtualized VoLTE programs with major global operators. He holds several patents in telecommunications domain.

In his spare time, Serdar plays sports and reads all timeless physics books by Feynman, Sagan and others.”