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Sofie Blakstad

CEO of Hiveonline


Sofie Blakstad is CEO of hiveonilne. Following a career building international banks, she developed a model for the future of finance, outside the traditional banking system and supporting community commerce and sustainability, together with Rob Allen. Sofie set up hiveonline to support underserved and financially excluded businesses in developed and developing economies, to rebalance their economic power and ability to operate as communities.

With the hiveonline team, Sofie is building an innovative platform based on blockchain, cryptocurrency, AI and a behavioural reputation system, which can operate to support small business and community development in partnership with, or outside of, the traditional financial system.

Aside from making business easier for small business owners, and allowing them to prove credibility to peers and customers without banks, hiveonline is tackling the enormous challenge of traceability in global renewable investments. Most of this financing is necessary in countries where corruption and socioeconomic circumstances make it extremely difficult to trace where the money is going. hiveonline is creating the platform that allows these green funds to be effectively tracked and invested into cleantech, renewables and infrastructure for a greener world.