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SAE and the Evolved Packet Core

Driving the Mobile Broadband Revolution

This new book, written by five Ericsson experts, describes the standard called Evolved Packet Core which is part of the recent 3GPP R8 release. It looks into the fundamental shift in underlying technologies enabling the advent of mobile broadband radio access and the convergence of internet and mobile services. Mobile telephony is moving toward all Internet Protocol (IP) network architecture after several decades of circuit switched technology. The evolution of the core network to support the new high-bandwidth services promised by mobile broadband is a monumental breakthrough. This book covers that evolution.

SAE and the Evolved Packet Core

SAE and the Evolved Packet Core

Magnus Olsson, Shabnam Sultana, Stefan Rommer, Lars Frid and Catherine Mulligan (authors)

2008, 464 p., hardcover

ISBN: 978-0-12-374826-3

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