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Reducing education poverty in India

Here at Ericsson, we're actively reducing education poverty and opportunity deficit to improve lives - see how our project in India solves interconnecting issues and makes an impact to our collective future.

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How does the reduction of education poverty work as a case study for an EIA entry? Check out the example submission here.

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Clean water


Land degradation


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See how Ericsson has impacted our sustainable future with these other real-world solutions

Closing the gender gap in STEM

Educating future female STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) leaders, in support of gender diversity in the workplace.

Stanley Earth Initiative

Impacting the livelihoods of farmers, the community and the environment in India through the construction of connected pumps.

Impacting our sustainable future with UNICEF and UN

Last year Ericsson joined UNICEF's initiative Giga, together they set out to break down the digital divide, a partnership that proved successful. Education is one important part of interconnected sustainability but what other issues are preventing us from impacting our sustainable future? Below are the Sustainable Development Goals and our initiative with UNICEF to help you get inspired for EIA!

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Discover more about Ericsson’s program working to impact our sustainable future through technology


Enabling the energy system of the future

Ericsson partnered with Innology and 450connect Germany, to test a secure blackout-resilience wireless communication network. This helps us decentralize, digitize and decarbonize the energy system of the future.

Digital Inclusion

Digital inclusion of Homeless People

In partnership with Sao Paulo City Hall, Brazil, to help address a lack of communication, improve a sense of belonging, and encourage a return to school, Ericsson delivered a computer lab setup in the public contemporary shelter center for homeless care.

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