Ericsson Innovation Awards

Ericsson Innovation Awards 2019

2019’s edition of the Ericsson Innovation Awards challenged students to harness the power of water and underwater material environments to develop innovative solutions to global challenges. From Singapore to Toronto and beyond, more than 2,000 teams entered the competition.

EIA 2019 winners

Congratulations to team Adelaide Bio AUV from Australia for winning the 2019 Ericsson Innovation Awards competition for its approach to limiting climate change through autonomous underwater vehicles.

Dr. Helena Wiklund, biologist at Gothenburg University and the National History Museum in London explains the jury’s motivation behind this year’s winning team: “The theme of this year’s Ericsson Innovation Awards is to dive deeper and take inspiration from the oceans, and team Adelaide Bio-AUV does exactly that. They have taken a marine animal adaptation and evolved that into an autonomous product with multiple user applications. We in the jury look forward seeing it in action”. Read more here.


EIA 2019 winners photo

From left to right: Daniel Schoell, Jeet Patel, Joshua Tatton, Dannion Hards



Team name University Location
Adelaide Bio-AUV (Winners) The University of Adelaide Australia
Manta National University of Singapore Singapore
εswift Keio University Japan
S-Crew Istanbul Bahçeşehir University Turkey


Team name University Location
Underwater Communication Modem Indian Institute of Technology Madras India
Hydro Legos University of Western Ontario Canada
intelliShell FESB Croatia
The Curious Clan KTH Royal Institute of Technology Sweden
thermohaline system National University of Science and Technology Pakistan
Hurricane detector APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University India
Underwater Food Storage Tank University of British Columbia Canada
Black Sea Energy Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers, University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest Romania
Life 2.0 University of Johannesburg South Africa
AGH Solar Boat Team AGH University of Science and Technology Poland
The Future Clean Energy Power Plant University Malaysia Perlis(UniMAP) Malaysia

Thank you to everyone that applied! It is inspiring to see so many bright ideas in one place. Make sure to keep your eyes on our career center and social media channes for more opportunities to engage with us.

Meet the mentors

We’re so proud of all the hard work our Ericsson Innovation Awards mentors are putting into the competition supporting their teams. Meet some of them here.

EIA 2019 theme: Dive Deeper

Nature is our largest resource for technology. Some of our greatest technological achievements were not original ideas, they were found in nature. Sonar, swarm logic, wind turbines, even Velcro, were all created from observing natural elements.

With 71% of Earth being covered by water, what else can we learn if we look a little deeper? 2019' challenge was to take the natural technology found within water and learn how to use it to develop innovative solutions.

Dive deeper into our natural resources, into obscure opportunities, into unlikely places. Discover the natural technology within.