Ericsson Innovation Awards

Winners 2019

The University of Adelaide, Adelaide Bio AUV

A bioinspired autonomous underwater vehicle (Bio-AUV) designed to help reduce the effects of climate change.

Dannion Hards

Dannion Hards B.Eng (Aero.)(Hons.)

Daniel Schoell

Daniel Schoell B.Eng (Aero.)(Hons.)

Joshua Tatton

Joshua Tatton B.Eng (Mech.)(Hons.) with B.MaCSc (Comp. Sci.)

Jeet Patel

Jeet Patel B.Eng (Mech.)(Hons.) with B.Fin (Double)

Adelaide Bio AUV

The Sepiida-I

Inspired by cuttlefish technology, this beach dwelling team from Adelaide designed a Bio-AUV with a unique propulsion system enabling otherwise untraversable underwater exploration. The team hope to create a commercially viable AUV that will assist scientists in crucial data gathering from complex reef systems which will help reduce the effects of climate change in underwater ecosystems globally.