Ericsson Innovation Awards

Semi-finalists 2019

FESB, intelliShell

Using the heavy metal filtering technology of seashells to clean up ocean pollution.

Manojlo Ilić

Manojlo Ilić, univ. bacc. ing. el. techn. inf. Masters Degree, 1st Year, Electronics and Computer engineering

Matteo Hajder

Matteo Hajder, Bachelor Degree - 3rd Year, University Department of Marine Studies

Loris Mihić

Loris Mihić, Bachelor Degree, 3rd Year, Computer Science

Mario Palić

Mario Palić, univ.bacc.inf., Masters Degree, 1st Year, Computer Science



Growing up by the sea, this team of computer scientist and engineers identified the problem with heavy metal sea pollution. Their solution, inspired by natural shell technology, is to create an artificial shell that filters out heavy metals and hope to raise public awareness of the problem in doing so.