How the competition works

Water. Home to the original radio transmitters. What will inspire you to make waves? Now is your time to apply your ideas and really have an impact. Whatever you do decide, you’ll have the opportunity to excel. In addition to the prize of taking part, you’ll also be considered for €100,000 worth of prizes, ranging from cash, trips and exclusive opportunities within Ericsson. See how the competition works below and register your idea!

To participate in the Ericsson Innovation Awards, you must register with a complete entry by May 06, 2019. A 'complete entry' means that all required questions are answered and you have submitted between 2-4 total team members, all of whom are current students pursuing a degree of higher academic studies.

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By registering with a complete submission, you will automatically be entered to compete in the regional competition and will be eligible to be considered for the global semi-finals.

Not ready to submit your idea and full team? No problem. Once you create a profile, you can add to, change or update your submission at any time.

Learn more about the Terms & Conditions, and judging at all stages.

Phase 1: Regional Competition

All submissions will automatically be sorted into regional competitions based on their submitted primary country. Qualifying submissions will be judged by a panel of 4 judges aligned to that region. There will be one winner per region. Click here to view submission requirements at this stage.

Regions include: (1) Americas; (2) Europe and the Mediterranean; (3) India; (4) Middle East & Africa; (5) North East Asia; (6) South East Asia & Oceania; (7) Sweden

To view a list of regional competitions by country, please click here.

Prizes: all regional winner teams will win €1,000. They will also get the chance to be interviewed for internships or jobs and will be eligible for additional prizes and recognition at the Market Area or country level.

All teams will be notified of their standing. Categories include: regional winner (7 teams), moving to semi-finalist qualifier (30 teams), and not moving forward.

Regional winners will automatically move into Phase 3, the Semi-finals and will receive all the same prizes as semi-finalists.

Phase 2: Semi-Finalist Qualifier

30 teams with the highest scores that are not selected as regional winners will automatically move forward into the Semi-finalist Qualifier round, regardless of country or region. This round will include 6 judges who are experts in innovation. 8 teams will move forward from this round and will join the Regional Winners to become Ericsson Innovation Awards Semi-finalists.

Prizes: Semi-finalists will receive 2 months of mentorship from a group of assigned Ericsson Expert Mentors, experts in Innovation and Business who can help the team further develop their idea. They will also receive an Ericsson recruiter interview and will be eligible to move forward in the global competition in pursuit of the final prize.

All teams will be notified of their standing prior to phase 3. Categories include: Semi-finalist (8 teams) and not moving forward. Semi-finalists will join Regional Winners to participate in the Semi-finals.

Phase 3: Semi-finals

15 teams made up of 7 Regional Winners and 9 Semi-finalist qualifiers will move into the Semi-finals. Each team will be introduced to 2-3 Ericsson Expert Mentors who will support them for the remainder of the competition. With the Mentor’s support, Semi-finalists will submit a new set of deliverables, which will represent a more rounded version of their original idea.

Semi-finalists will be scored by a jury of Ericsson experts in innovation and the theme.


Those who progress as Finalists will receive a trip to Stockholm for the Grand Final (including airfare, accommodation and other expenses), mentorship through the Grand Final, and a chance to compete for 4 Grand Final cash prizes.

All teams will be notified of their standing. Categories include: Finalist (4) and not moving forward (11).

Phase 4: Grand Final

4 teams will move forward to the EIA Grand Final, which will be held as part of a special event in Stockholm, Sweden.

Judging will take place at the time of the event and will be conducted by a jury of both Ericsson and non-Ericsson experts in innovation and the theme.

Teams will be judged based on a live presentation and final deliverables. Click here to view deliverables at this stage.

Regional Competition:

Each of the 7 regional winners will receive a €1,000 cash prize, a possible recruiter interview for a job or internship, a prominent feature on Ericsson digital media, and a certificate of achievement, in addition to special recognition and prizes offered within their respective regions.

Global Competition:


All semi-finalists will receive 2 months of mentorship from Ericsson experts in innovation and business. Semi-finalists will receive recognition on social and digital media, recruiter interviews and a certificate of achievement.


All finalist team members will receive a trip to Stockholm, Sweden to compete live at the Grand Final event, including airfare, hotel accommodations, group meals, transportation and other expenses. Finalists will receive an additional month of mentorship and recognition across Ericsson social media and digital channels. The competition winners will receive prizes of:

  • Grand Prize: €25,000 
  • 2nd Place: €15,000 
  • 3rd  Place: €5,000 
  • 4th place: €2,000

The global competition also includes an Employee’s Choice award, which will grant €2,000 in addition to the Employee’s Choice winner’s existing prize. The Grand Prize Winner will also receive special recognition and additional mentoring from the Ericsson Garage.

Learn more about the EIA 2019 Terms & Conditions

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