Ericsson Innovation Awards

Semi-finalists 2019

Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Underwater Communication Modem

Revolutionising acoustic communication underwater.

Suriyaa Valliapan

Suriyaa Valliapan RM, 3rd year undergraduate, Engineering Physics

Goury Priya S

Goury Priya S, 3rd year undergraduate, Engineering Physics

Kanish B

Kanish B, 4th year undergraduate, Electrical Engineering

Underwater Communication Modem

This switched on team from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras wanted to work on the most unforgiving channels of communication: underwater. The modems available in the market are very application specific and expensive, mostly used by scientists and researchers and not for commercial applications. They devised a novel method of robust and reliable acoustic communication underwater with a design based on self adaptibility and biomimicry. Their solution aims to offer twice the data rates and ranges compared to other contemporary modems and intend to design the modem in an environmental friendly manner.