The hiring process for interns at Ericsson

Intern hiring process at Ericsson India

The hiring process for interns at Ericsson

Our hiring process including the conversion from an intern to a full-time employee is explained below (the process for hiring graduates is the same as for all full-time roles across Ericsson)

Becoming an intern

Ericsson internships are part of a competitive program with a wide range of opportunities. Ericsson’s University Relations team, Brand Ambassadors, and Hiring teams regularly scout campuses to hire top talent. In addition to on-site recruitment, Ericsson engages with students across our social platforms as well as at our virtual events. Ultimately, every applicant needs to apply for a role through their university or campus to enter the recruitment phase. We encourage all applicants to create a candidate profile which can be done by joining our talent community. Once you are a member of our talent community, you will receive job alerts that match your interest.

Hiring process at Ericsson


Ericsson’s recruitment process is diverse and inclusive, and we use a thorough process of evaluation. This process is subject to change based on business and organization requirements.


Here are some questions that are frequently asked. If you can’t find the answer, you are looking for here, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Q: How can I apply for an internship at Ericsson?

A: The students who are interested in applying for an internship at Ericsson are requested to apply through their individual campus or university by reaching out to their college placements office. For more information on the intern hiring process please refer to the intern/FTE hiring process

Q: How can I apply for a graduate job with Ericsson?

A: Thank you for your interest in a career with Ericsson. All our job opportunities are published at along with information on how to apply. If you do not find a job that matches your interest, please be sure to sign up for job alerts so we can share future jobs that match your interests.

Q: How long is the internship tenure at Ericsson?

A: The internship tenure at Ericsson is for six months.

Q: What is the conversion process from an intern to an FTE?

A: The conversion process from an intern to an FTE is subject to the completion of graduation and performance during the internship.

Q: What major should I choose to put me in the best position to land a job at Ericsson?

A: Thank you for your interest in Ericsson! We are present in over 180 countries around the world, and we are always looking for people with different skills and competencies. We look for all types of degrees like

Computer Science, Electrical, and Electronic Engineering, as well as non-technical degrees like Business. Relevant work experience is helpful.

Outside of a degree, our ideal candidate has a strong curiosity for new things, a global mindset with respect for other cultures, and – given the importance of innovation within our industry - we regard creativity as highly important. We are also very team-oriented, so we need people with amazing social skills.

Regarding the choice of a master’s program, you should focus on what you enjoy the most. That will make it much easier for you to become truly great within it.

To see what Ericsson can offer you, take a look at our career site at or connect with us on any of the below social media platforms.

Q: What are the training programs that will be provided to me during the internship?

A: At Ericsson, we set everyone up for success by sharing access to tools, techniques, and the right training programs to expand capabilities and pursue passions. For additional questions and information on the training, the interns can feel free to reach out to their respective managers. Everyone at Ericsson is easily accessible and always ready to help.

Q: Where am I in the application process?

A: With many applications, we find it hard to tell where you are in the process. Much of our communication is done via e-mail and you will be contacted if you are being considered for a position. Our recruiting team is committed to excellence; you will receive an email with a final outcome.

Q: Whom can I contact to ensure my application has been safely received and is being processed?

A: Contact us with the specifics of the position you have applied to so we can better assist you.

Q: I applied to Ericsson and did not get a reply.

A: The large number of applications we receive means not all candidates will speak to a recruiter. Much of the communication will be done via e-mail. We are committed to providing a positive experience for our candidates. You will be contacted if you are being considered for a position and you will also receive an email with a final outcome.

Q: What do I do if I have a reasonable adjustment request?

A: You would not need to disclose your disability or long-term health condition. We recommend you share your reasonable adjustment request with us during the recruitment process so we can support your needs.

Q: I cannot find the role I would like to apply for on your careers site how do I share my CV?

A: Thank you for your interest in Ericsson! You can register your interest with us, once a role is on the website you will receive a job alert. Click here to register and be a part of our talent community.

Q: How do I know which role to apply for?

A: Thank you for your interest in Ericsson! We would encourage you to read through our roles which are most aligned with your skills and interests, some of our roles are open to degree subjects, therefore you may see a role, which is not specific to your subject of study. You will only get to start your career once. Let us make it a good one.

Q: Can I apply for multiple roles?

A: We would encourage you to read through our roles, which are most aligned with your skills and interests, if there are a number of roles that appeal to you, we would encourage you to apply.

Q: How do I know I have the right to work for the role I am applying for?

A: The job advert should state what right to work an applicant must have when applying.