We are hiring for 5G in China

Ericsson office in Beijing

This is a very exciting moment for us.

Ericsson, as a leading provider of networks, digital services and more, plays a key role in making these new technologies a reality. With industry partners, Ericsson has been working on 5G technology for several years in the labs and over the last two years, we have taken it into advanced field trials.

Today, 5G is open for business. We have already signed 5G commercial deals and are working closely with leading operators around the world to further develop 5G technologies. We believe 5G can bring new opportunities for people, society, and businesses, so these are very exciting moments indeed!

Are you in? Join us and let’s make an extraordinary 5G world together!

Chris Houghton

Chris Houghton, Head of Market Area North East Asia

"In Ericsson, we are doing what it takes to make 5G and IoT a reality. Tremendous opportunities lie ahead, we are mobilizing with the knowledge that our products and services will make a positive impact to people’s lives."

Sissi Zheng

Sissi Zheng, Head of HR Market Area North East Asia

"We believe that every individual is a talent. We empower you to perform at your best. We enable you to create impact, grow and develop. We are Ericsson, ARE YOU IN?"



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