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Are you passionate about HR and helping individuals and teams develop new skills and capabilities? Do you get inspired by bringing diverse teams together to create life changing innovations? Do you get motivated and excited by helping employees to achieve things they never thought possible? Join our global HR team and experience fantastic opportunities for you to develop and grow as an HR professional.

Our people strategy

The overall purpose of the HR function within Ericsson is to proactively contribute to our company’s vision by maximizing individual and organizational capabilities and by creating business value through human resources and organizational management.

Our team

The Ericsson Human Resource department operates in a truly global world, supporting employees and leaders throughout the entire employee lifecycle. Our global HR team is comprised of several different kinds of professionals, such as:

  • HR Business Partner - strategic partners translating business strategies into people activities
  • HR Generalist - operational partners supporting leaders and employees in the execution of people related activities
  • HR Subject Matter Expert - driving expertise in Talent Management, Talent Acquisition, Workforce Planning, Learning and Development and Total Rewards
  • HR Delivery - facilitate execution and administration of HR processes and policies, and provide first line support for managers and employees

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Meet the team

Learn more about a few of our amazing HR team members below.

Tenneil Dutton

When did you join Ericsson and what is your background?

I joined Ericsson in April 2013, as a Human Resources Business Partner within Market Area North America. 

Before joining Ericsson, I was the Vice President of Human Resources for the IT Outsourcing (ITO) organization in Xerox Services, formerly Affiliated Computer Services, Inc. During my time with Xerox, I was responsible for driving strategic initiatives associated with the reinvestment in ITO as a critical capability for the company.

I joined Xerox from Hitachi Consulting where I ran their HR organization, and prior to that I was with Hewlett Packard, formerly Electronic Data Systems, Inc. In both companies, I served as Senior HR Business Partner.

I credit my successful launch into the world of Human Resources to my first employer, Texas Instruments (TI), where I spent five years. Upon graduating with my B.S. in Human Resources Management from the University of North Texas, I was recruited to join TI, as a participant in their HR rotation program, which resulted in several rotations supporting the business as an HR Manager and Professional Development Consultant. 

What positions have you held at the company?

During my time with Ericsson, I have had the privilege of rotating across Market Area North America to experience a variety of different businesses and groups. Upon hire, I started as the HR Business Partner for North America Operations (i.e. Delivery) where I held the role for approx. two years. Following that I rotated into the HR Business Partner role supporting emerging businesses within Customer Units Regional Carriers and Industry and Society, Cable, and Web Players. While supporting the above Customer Units, I also had the opportunity to support several of the Corporate Functions. Most notably, North America Marketing and Communications, where I supported the team in a significant global transformation effort. Most recently, I rotated into my current position as the HR Business Partner for the IT and Cloud (aka Digital Business Services) organization, one of the growth engines of the company.

What inspires you most about working here?

I continue to be inspired by the company’s determination to continually improve, transform and move forward while not forgetting to bring its employees along on the journey. Through the recent transformation and change initiatives, Ericsson has held firm to one of its core values that employees matter and are important to its success.

What is it for you that makes Ericsson’s culture special?

Although it's a large, global company, Ericsson’s culture is one of intimacy, collaboration and teamwork. I often feel that I’m working with friends in a highly supportive environment that allows me to fully participate and engage. Ericsson also provides you with the opportunity to be a change champion, and allows you to be part of something greater than yourself.

I recently experienced this while working on an initiative to transform the competence of an organization I supported. When initiating the effort, team members from both the business and HR readily volunteered to participate, bringing with them high energy and ideas that helped move the initiative forward. Our joint efforts allowed for a streamlined, innovative approach to addressing competence through reskilling efforts, which will have a tremendous, positive impact on the organization. Working together, we made a difference.

What advice would you give to an aspiring colleague?

Never settle for mediocrity for yourself or your team. Always be open to new opportunities even if you find it to be intimating or outside of your comfort level.  Aspire to keep learning, developing yourself, and pushing your own limits. 




When did you join Ericsson and what is your background?
I joined Ericsson in May 2007 having previously worked at Philips/NEC as a HR manager. I studied at Linköping´s University, Sweden, and I have a Masters in Human Resources.

What positions have you held at the company?
During my years at Ericsson I have been working as a HR Business Partner and in June 2015 I became the Head of HR Generalist team based in Stockholm.

What inspires you most about working here?
Many things! Most importantly, the possibility to work in different roles and different parts of Ericsson, and the opportunity to always work with interesting tasks. Ericsson is constantly evolving, which means that working in HR you always play a vital role in supporting the business in reaching its targets and fulfilling its mission. Finally, I truly value working with very talented HR colleagues and leaders. I´ve worked closely with many leaders that have inspired me in my personal development, but also challenged me - which has led to constant learning.
What is it for you that makes Ericsson’s culture special?
 I have always felt that Ericsson has believed in me, and given me the opportunity to learn on the job. It´s also a very open atmosphere in the sense that you are invited in to give your view and proposals, and you are always listened to. 
What advice would you give to an aspiring colleague?
Dare to take on a new role or challenge, even if there is uncertainty linked to it, such as if it might not be a fixed or permanent role or the assignment is in a new unit or even a new role. Enjoy the ride and be open towards what your strengths and weaknesses are in such a situation, it helps you in seeking the right advice and support which in its turn will make you successful.


When did you join Ericsson and where did you join from?
I joined Ericsson in July 2010, from a global management consulting company. I was based in the Turkey office located in Istanbul where I was a Directing Consultant heading the Job Evaluation and Reward Practice.

What positions have you held at the company?
I was the Head of Total Rewards for the Middle East area based in Istanbul, Turkey, responsible for the formulation and deployment of all regional total rewards strategies and policies until November 2014. In addition, I have also led global total remuneration projects addressing strategies and business needs of specific units at Ericsson. Since November 2014, I’ve been working as the Head of Global Total Rewards Projects based in Kista, Sweden. I am responsible for the development, management, deployment and governance of all global total rewards specific projects. The major project I am currently managing is the Global Benchmark Project.

What inspires you most about working here?
I am most inspired by the challenges I face and everyday learning opportunities which lead to job satisfaction, self-actualization, and most importantly further career development.

What is it for you that makes Ericsson’s culture special?
Ericsson’s core values of professionalism, respect and perseverance are also attributes which I value in my personal life. I feel privileged to be a part of an organizational culture which is built on these core values.

What advice would you give to an aspiring colleague?

A colleague who is interested in holding a position similar to the one I have today, first of all, must be ambitious and motivated in the Total Rewards area. An aspiring colleague has to be able to self-motivate, and make the correct critical decisions in a timely manner with the information at hand. Also, strategic and analytical thinking is very important, because understanding the business strategies, requirements and expectations, and ability to translate these into applicable total rewards solutions, is crucial.

In addition, I strongly advise to have a trusted mentor who can guide and help a motivated colleague not only in position specific technical know-how, but also in terms of behavioral competences and personal traits, both for further career and individual development.


Kriti Khandhari

When did you join Ericsson and what is your background?

I joined Ericsson in January 2014 when the HR Global Shared Service Center (GSSC) in New Delhi was in its initial phases where the people, processes, tools and technologies were being explored and finalized.

I completed my post-graduation in Marketing and Operations in 2011 prior to which I worked as a sales executive in Life sciences organizations for 6 months. Then I joined HCL Technologies as a Management Trainee in 2011, and was then promoted to Senior Executive, Workforce planning in 2012. I was a part of Workforce planning team in HCL.

What positions have you held at the company?

I joined Ericsson as a Senior Officer in Workforce Planning and Analytics GSSC and now I am Assistant Manager in the same.

What inspires you most about working here?

What inspires me most is the culture of Ericsson, wonderful people and the encouraging leadership here. Every day there is a challenge and hence something to learn. I learn and I grow and therefore I am always motivated. It not only helps in developing my skills as an individual but also as a leader.

What is it for you that makes Ericsson’s culture special?

The culture of knowledge sharing, learning and continuous improvements at Ericsson is what makes it special for me.

I was part of the Job Requisition team when I joined Ericsson, then moved to the Workforce Planning team that is responsible for Strategic and Tactical Workforce Planning. Later I moved to the CCM (Career and Competence Model) team supporting reorganizations and finally I became part of the Workforce Analytics team. These movements have made me understand Ericsson as an organization, its working culture and how HR strategies are contributing to the business strategies.

My passion for analytics has helped me in learning and understanding the end-to-end analytics and hence providing strategic insights to the business to drive profitability and growth. This could not have been possible without the knowledge sharing and learning culture we have here.

Apart from this, leadership here has always been very supportive. They always ensure that the employees are getting the required trainings and thus continuously improving not only their skills but also the tools and processes they are handling.

What advice would you give to an aspiring colleague?

Please be open to learning and sharing as well as gaining knowledge, as what one may have will only be a drop from the ocean of knowledge that exists here at Ericsson. Be responsible and take ownership of the tasks you do.

Learn as much as you can not only about your area but you should be able to understand the processes end-to-end. Please ensure that whatever you do, even a small task should add value to the business.

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