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SSE Women’s Network – Online case cracking workshop

Online case cracking workshop recruiting event for female SSE students taking place on May 6th. Please register by attaching your CV including GPA here. The application deadline is April 29th.

If you experience any difficulties or have any questions you are welcome to contact us at:


What we are looking for?

We are looking for people with the capability and drive to engage with our senior client stakeholders. While we are not searching for candidates with a set profile or background, we look for strong traits of structured thinking, analytical skills, and clear communication. Previous experience in technology and telecoms is beneficial but by no means a necessity. 

Getting ready for your interviews

Interviews will usually be held at our offices in Stockholm and Dallas. International candidates may have one or more interviews by videoconferencing to limit the need for traveling. Each interview takes about one hour and consists of three parts: a personal fit interview, a case interview, and a Q&A discussion.

The personal fit interview is structured as a general discussion to understand your background, previous experience, and why you would like to join us at SPP. We will explore your leadership skills and the potential contribution you can make to our team. The key to this phase is to show that you understand what SPP and Ericsson do, and to convey your motivation for joining in a credible and structured way. We would encourage you to spend time to prepare for this phase.

After the personal fit discussion, each interviewer will give you a case interview. The case interview is to gauge your ability to logically structure and solve a problem, your analytical ability, and your judgment when it comes to making reasonable assumptions. See below for more advice on how to prepare for the case interview.

Case interviews are all about using your analytical skills and judgment to structure and solve a typical business problem. These may or may not be telecoms related, and will almost always include quantitative reasoning to arrive at an answer and final recommendation. Remember that clarity of communication throughout the case is just as important as the case solution itself. We encourage all candidates to spend time preparing for the case interviews. There are a number of good books on solving cases as well as sources freely available on the internet to help you along the way.