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Our people philosophies

Our people philosophies are essentially our “rules of the road”. Giving you a clear understanding of why we do the things we do, in the way we do them. From ways of working to the processes that help us in our daily work, there is rationale behind them.


We believe that every individual is a talent.

We know that people develop when we remain flexible, creating an open market where they have access & visibility to find the right opportunity to grow– we call this our open talent market.

Since we believe that, then:

  • We enable you to create impact, grow, and develop.
  • We are open and descriptive in our vacancies, enabling the right talent to find the right opportunity.
  • Our door is always open, welcoming back former Ericsson employees when mutually beneficial
  • We are transparent about working life at Ericsson, encouraging people (you & prospective candidates) to consider the full picture.


We believe people perform at their best when they know what work needs to get done and why it´s important to Ericsson. High performance happens when individuals and teams continuously know how they are performing and how they can do even better.

Performance at Ericsson means having a meaningful impact over a continuous period of time.

Since we believe that, then…

  • We ensure you understand why your work matters to Ericsson and how it contributes to the greater good.
  • We set specific, challenging goals, holding you accountable.
    We notice your unique contributions and give specific feedback.
  • We encourage you to adopt a growth mindset, taking accountability of your own path.
  • We recognize you and all teams based on equal standards and conditions.
  • We empower you to make your own decisions, offering both freedom and support.


We believe that people learn best when they are challenged and receive continuous feedback as they actively contribute to their team´s & Ericsson´s overall success.

We know that learning can happen anywhere, anyhow, at any time.

Since we believe that, then…

  • We ensure that all learning has a purpose, enabling Ericsson’s strategic direction and driving business forward.
  • We encourage a growth mindset, empowered by our leaders but driven by you through self-directed, accountable learning.
  • We make learning easy, offering technology such as AI or learning platforms on mobile to everyone at the company.

Diversity and Inclusion

We believe that diverse, inclusive teams drive performance and innovation, creating greater business value.

We know that diversity encompasses a wide range of things; cognitive perspectives, education, work experiences, personal life experiences in addition to individual background, race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc.

Since we believe that, then…

  • We consider and create diversity and inclusion in everything we do, building teams that reflect our approach.
  • We feature a variety of role models and communicate in various channels, ensuring our brand reaches diverse communities.
  • We encourage programs that include a wide variety of people, like mentoring circles and advisory boards.
  • We create space for you to bring your unique perspective.


We believe that for people to be engaged they need to feel that their work makes an impact, that they can work autonomously, are given opportunities to grow and that they are included and valued.

For engagement to happen, people need to feel they can live their values at Ericsson and feel proud of our impact in the world.

We know that company results influence engagement.

Since we believe that, then…

  • We strive for transparent communication and recognition, ensuring everyone contributes to overall engagement.
  • We trust you to take the decisions that will drive our customers and business forward
  • We measure engagement by listening to you, taking in feedback and acting on it.


We believe that our leaders are the driving force behind our business performance and overall company culture.

By living-up to our values and purpose, leaders are talent magnets. They inspire others and ensure the growth and well-being of our people.

We know that role modeling ethical and responsible business practices is a corner stone of leadership.

Since we believe that, then…

  • We always ensure end results are achieved in line with company culture and values when evaluating performance.
  • We create an inclusive environment where leaders inspire you to want to be led by them.
  • We create accountability, clearly stating what we offer as an employer and what we expect of you.
  • We always demonstrate ethical and responsible  business practices.

Pay and Recognition

We believe that people should be paid in a fair way and be recognized and rewarded for the impact that they create.

We know that a fair and transparent approach to pay and recognition will foster a culture of innovation, engagement and respect.

Since we believe that, then…

  • We offer pay and benefits that are market competitive and relevant to the individual
  • We aspire to recognize and reward you for your impact to our business success
  • We aspire to provide a range of experiences to help you achieve your career aspirations, personal goals and to have a healthy and balanced life
  • Recognition will only be awarded to those demonstrating ethical and responsible business practices.