Celcom, Malaysia: Part and parcel

Celcom Malaysia

Celcom Malaysia Berhad, extends long-term Spare Parts Management Service contract.

In a drive to deliver quality network performance and services to subscribers and sustain constant and manageable OPEX on maintenance, Celcom Malaysia Berhad, expanded its spare parts deal with Ericsson.

Part of the Telecom Malaysia group, Celcom Malaysia Berhad is one of the top 2G and 3G mobile operators in Malaysia. In order to maintain its strong market position, the operator is working closely with Ericsson in a partnership which stretches back to 1989, when the first ETACS cellular network contract was signed.

Ericsson has been Celcom's long standing Spare Parts Management Service (SPMS) partner since 2000. The latest agreement was signed this year. This three-year contract with the option of a two-year extension confirms the long-term partnership between the operator and Ericsson. Over time, the scope of the partnership has grown and the current agreement includes spare parts management for the GSM core and radio, as well as the 3G core, transmission (MINILINK) and Softswitch International Switching Center (ISC). The mobile market in Malaysia is growing at a rapid pace and Celcom needs to ensure that its place in the market is as strong as possible in the face of new challenges. Extending the Ericsson SPMS contract will enable Celcom to do this, allowing it to release the responsibility of spare parts management to Ericsson and focus on meeting the subscribers' needs. The reliability of Ericsson as a partner is one of the key reasons why Celcom allows Ericsson to manage its spare parts. Elias Yusoff, Key Account Manager, Ericsson, underlines this reliability: "Our performance promise on the deliverables for this project was signed at 95 percent. On average, our reported consistency throughout the year has achieved this target and exceeded the customer's expectations."

For Celcom, the SPMS contract from Ericsson offers a future-proof spare parts handling model, which means that it can adopt the latest features very quickly, an important way to improve its competitive position. The longevity and latest extension of the contract is a proof point of the trust that exists between the partners. Noor Kamarul Anuar Nuruddin, CTO, Celcom Malaysia Berhad, explains the key advantages for the operator: "The SPMS contract has always worked for us, Ericsson has consistently performed and with this reliable delivery of components, we do not have to worry about whether we have the correct dimensions or enough parts. It makes our lives a lot easier."


Customer: Celcom Malaysia Berhad

Customer Objective

  • Deliver a quality network
  • Meet subscriber needs
  • Manage OPEX

Ericsson Solution

  • Spare Parts Management Service

Customer Benefits

  • Better service lead times
  • Enhanced network management
  • Foreseeable hardware support costs
  • Reduced investment in spare parts and related operational costs
  • Increased ability to adopt the latest services

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