TeliaSonera, Denmark: Flexible evolution


TeliaSonera Denmark future-proofs its microwave network by evolving from MINI-LINK E to MINI-LINK TN.

With the ambition to IP-enable its network, TeliaSonera Denmark turned to Ericsson for an evolution project, which has resulted in a future-proof network with the ability to cope with current high traffic growth. Due to the successful launch of WCDMA and the inclusion of Mobile Virtual Network Operator traffic into its network, TeliaSonera Denmark had experienced a ten-fold increase in traffic. At the same time, in order to stay ahead of the competition and address future needs, TeliaSonera Denmark needed to prepare its network for IP services. The operator already had a MINI-LINK E network which provided top quality performance, but with capacity growth it was no longer cost-effective. A new technology was needed and TeliaSonera Denmark decided on an upgrade to Ericsson MINI-LINK TN. Keld Lindgaard Nielsen, Manager, Network Planning, TeliaSonera Denmark, elaborates: "When we were examining the MINI-LINK TN we realized that we could save space on our sites and have a more flexible network; it was a scalable and time saving installation." Due to the open technology and scalability, the upgrade is a simple operation. Ola Gustafsson, Head of Product Line Microwave, Ericsson explains: "When we designed the product we ensured that a lot of the system parts were common between the MINI-LINK TN and the MINI-LINK E. Basically you only have to replace the indoor unit and you're done. It's extremely future-proof, it's really the key to the product that we have looked into the future of the mobile backhaul networks and prepared the system so it can handle all the coming challenges."

TeliaSonera Denmark's strategy is to build a scalable network that can be managed remotely. From a site perspective, cabling and space requirements should be minimized. MINI-LINK TN is the perfect solution, a new type of microwave radio link that cost-effectively offers high capacity, flexibility and scalability. Having looked at different possibilities, the operator chose MINI-LINK TN due to the ease of installation, the low cost of ownership and the Ethernet capabilities of the system. The solution also gives TeliaSonera Denmark the possibility to save on space and resource consumption and integrate the solution in its existing network and management structure. A scalable solution means that the operator now has more opportunities available and can enjoy the lowest possible cost of ownership for a complete network. Keld Lindgaard Nielsen explains why Ericsson was chosen: "We want to remain on the cutting-edge of network technology so it is important for us to have the right functionality cost efficiently. Also, we need a partner who understands our business and gives us local, secure and reliable support in our projects and daily operations."

The MINI-LINK TN solution enhances TeliaSonera Denmark's competitive position in the market, with the ability to offer new value added services to its subscribers in a cost efficient way. TeliaSonera Denmark benefits from a scalable and flexible network that will be able to cater to evolving needs in the future.


Customer: TeliaSonera Denmark

Customer Objective

  • Provide IP services
  • Increase network efficiency
  • Establish a future-proof network

Ericsson Solution

  • Customer Support

Customer Benefits

  • Quick and efficient upgrade
  • Ability to handle high growth in existing services
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Scalable technology

Customer profile

TeliaSonera is the second largest supplier of telecommunications in Denmark, focusing primarily on mobile and broadband services and cable TV. The acquisition of Orange's Danish operations at the end of 2004 brought 630 000 new mobile customers and significantly strengthened the operator's market position. TeliaSonera Denmark offers services that help individuals and organizations communicate in an easy, efficient and environmentally friendly way. Continuous exploitation of new business opportunities on mobile and broadband networks adds value for subscribers.

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