Vodafone Germany: Road to integration


Ericsson enables Vodafone Germany to successfully deliver traffic updates for real-time service.

Vodafone has successfully delivered on a contract to supply TomTom with real-time traffic updates for its new High Definition (HD) Traffic Live navigation service. Ericsson took on the Prime Integrator role, managing the four-party project and making sure the service was rolled out on schedule.

Ericsson's Consulting and Systems Integration capabilities, combined with the Mobile Positioning Solution, have enabled TomTom to receive updates from Vodafone's GSM network for its traffic calculations.

This will give drivers in Germany using TomTom's personal navigation devices unparalleled route information and the ability to beat congestion and jams. TomTom units equipped with HD Traffic Live are fitted with GPRS modems and Vodafone SIM cards that handle the feedback and traffic information. Ericsson ensured that all lead times were met without compromising service quality, enabling Vodafone to deliver the rapid time-to-market requested by TomTom. One of the project's major success factors was Ericsson's handling of the Prime Integrator role. By successfully overseeing the project, Ericsson exceeded Vodafone's expectations. Peter Finke, Senior Project Manager, Vodafone Germany comments: "The choice to have Ericsson as Prime Integrator was based on their knowledge and credibility. We feel that this was a good decision, as we were very much on track to launch the service on time and at the right level of quality."

Ericsson has 80 percent of the GSM radio network share in Germany and therefore it was necessary to closely cooperate in a four-party set-up: two suppliers, Vodafone as the network operator and TomTom as their customer. As Prime Integrator, Ericsson was responsible for making sure that the challenging needs of both Vodafone and TomTom, regarding time-to-market, quality and cost efficiency were met. Georg Kluesener, Account Director, Multimedia, Ericsson comments: "We brought together TomTom's IT way of working with Vodafone's network operations and engineering experience. Our Systems Integration capabilities ensured that all of the involved components were properly incorporated to produce a total end-to-end solution."

Ericsson's Mobile Positioning Solution takes data from the radio network and makes it anonymous before forwarding it to the TomTom solution. TomTom then combines it with information from traffic authorities, road operators and commercial third parties before pushing the data out to the navigation devices. HD Traffic provides near realtime information, which is gathered from multiple sources and correlated, to enable TomTom to supply drivers with accurate updates. The solution was first pioneered for the Netherlands but required intensive development in order for it to work in the German market, where the multivendor radio network is significantly larger. Alexander Bliemeister, Customer Project Manager, Ericsson discusses the scale and complexity of information involved: "Vodafone is essentially gathering road information data which we make anonymous with our MPS Solution and feed into the huge TomTom servers. Every street in every town is covered, not just highways. It's more or less in real-time and in only a few minutes this information is received by the device in your car. Vodafone benefits by offering this innovative service on their GPRS network."


Customer: Vodafone Germany

Customer Objective

  • Differentiation with speed
  • Integration of IT and telecommunications technologies

Ericsson Solution

  • Prime Integrator
  • Systems Integration
  • Mobile Positioning Solution

Customer Benefits

  • Increased subscriber numbers
  • On time delivery of updates
  • Successful supplier contract

Customer profile

Vodafone Germany is one of the largest and most modern telecommunications providers in Europe. It realizes a turnover of more than EUR 10 billion and has 15 000 employees. In conjunction with its full subsidiary Arcor AG & Co KG, Vodafone Germany is an integrated technology and service provider with a portfolio including mobile communications, fixed network telephony, internet and broadband data services for business and private customers. Continuous development, numerous patents and investments in new products, services and the modern network have made Vodafone an innovation leader in the German telecommunications market.


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