AT&T Mobility: USA: Keeping the promise


AT&T Mobility, USA partners with Ericsson to fulfill its end-user satisfaction guarantee during the Democratic National Convention.

Ericsson is contracted by AT&T Mobility (AT&T) to plan, audit, design, improve and monitor its GSM network over the prestigious Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado, catering for over 50 000 visiting subscribers. The project is a success, with no network performance issues.

The Democratic National Convention (DNC) is a major event held every four years by the United States Democratic Party with the primary goal of nominating a candidate for the presidential elections. Delegates from all US states and other dependencies and territories attend, along with over 80 000 public onlookers. The high profile event also attracts dignitaries, executives, politicians, media members and other key celebrities. This makes it particularly important for major organizations such as wireless service provider AT&T.

AT&T's promise to DNC visitors was to provide complete end-user satisfaction, including unparalleled global roaming capabilities, truest voice quality and easy-to-use data capabilities, with service up to the fastest wireless broadband speeds currently possible. The promise was valid across 100 percent of the service area in and around Denver. AT&T needed a partner that could enable it to meet this promise, and it selected Ericsson to plan, design, optimize, manage and monitor its voice and data networks.

In close partnership with Ericsson, AT&T offered GSM/GPRS footprint across 100 percent of the service area, throughout the high profile event. Despite the exponential network traffic increase expected at airports, hotels, convention sites and other high-traffic areas, Ericsson was able to guarantee both voice and data network performance throughout the locality. It also demonstrated unrivalled Prime Integrator competence for multi-vendor networks. Yunis Shahdad, Executive Director of Sales, Ericsson explains the importance of these factors for Ericsson's selection: "AT&T made a guarantee to its subscribers, and by having Ericsson backing that guarantee it could wait for the event to unfold without thinking about what competencies had to be in place. We worked in the spirit of partnership, not just with AT&T but also with other vendors, to ensure that the project was successful."

As Prime Integrator, Ericsson was responsible for the complete end-to-end management of the project. A multi-vendor network performance audit was undertaken, analyzing utilization of existing resources and required capacity in various parts of the network. The radio network was tuned, reconfigured and replanned, together with capacity expansion in different areas, such as nodes and interfaces, securing high service availability and quality. Following this, network performance was closely monitored throughout the duration of the event, ensuring that both Ericsson and AT&T met the given guarantees.

Due to the success of the project, AT&T was able to deliver on its promise. The network successfully handled increases of over 150 percent in GSM voice traffic and SMS activity and over 300 percent in EDGE and GPRS data volume, with no network performance issues. Jon Seay, Director of Rocky Mountain Region, AT∓T describes the success of the partnership: "AT&T wasamp; delighted with the support it received from Ericsson, a key partner, to ensure it was ready for a major event like DNC from day one. In close collaboration with AT&T, Ericsson developed the right solutions and engaged the right people to make it happen."


Customer: AT&T Mobility, USA

Customer Objective

  • Cater for over 50 000 subscribers visiting Denver for Democratic National Convention
  • Reconfigure network to provide capacity increase in high-traffic areas

Ericsson Solution

  • Technology Consulting
  • Radio Access Network Optimization
  • Systems Integration
  • Prime Integrator

Customer Benefits

  • Reliable backing of guarantee to subscribers
  • No performance issues – complete user satisfaction
  • Enhanced reputation with high profile customer base

Customer profile

Founded in 1983, AT&T is the leading worldwide provider of IP-based communications services to businesses. The company is the second largest US provider of wireless services in the United States, and also offers high speed internet access, Wi‑Fi, local and long distance voice and directory publishing and advertising.

AT&T provides innovative, reliable, high-quality products and services and excellent customer care. Its mission is to connect people with their world, everywhere they live and work, and to do it better than anybody else.

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