Optimus, Portugal: Seizing opportunities

Optimus, Portugal launches unique IMS-based application for converged services.
Optimus, Portugal

Optimus, Portugal launches unique IMS-based application for converged services.

With an ambition to appeal to the youth market in Portugal, Optimus partners with Ericsson to develop TAG, a revolutionary IMS-based offering that converges communications between mobiles and PCs.

As a major operator in Portugal with 20 percent market share, Optimus wanted to increase both its brand attractiveness and market share within the youth segment. With ambitious plans to address the market with a unique and innovative offering in terms of pricing, devices and social community, the idea of TAG was born. The TAG package bundles mobile subscription and PC with the same services through the same mobile number for a single monthly fee. Voice calls among TAG members are free of charge and the user receives truly converged communications. Everything the TAG subscriber can do on the mobile is accessible via the PC: voice calls, SMS, MMS, video calls, messenger and voice-mail.

In order to maximize the potential of its new offering it was crucial for Optimus to bring partners on board who could offer the expertise needed. Finnish company and existing Ericsson partner Movial supplied the fixed client while Ericsson delivered and integrated the IMS architecture, which ultimately enabled the convergence. Ana Paula Marques, Mobile Mass Market Business Unit Director, Optimus, Portugal explains why Ericsson was selected: "Without an IMS-based architecture we could not have delivered this proposition. Ericsson was able to add extreme value by bringing other players into the project, mainly a partner for the development of the web application and the core implementation of the network."

The concept of TAG was in development for several years and as such it is one of the first IMS-based applications targeting the residential market. The offering itself is perfectly tailored to the youth market and uptake has exceeded all expectations with approximately 40 percent of users connecting to the service on a daily basis. Every service on the mobile phone is emulated on the PC Client giving the user a seamless communication experience. Behind the simplicity that the user experiences lies a very complex solution which integrates many aspects of the fixed world with the mobile world. This is not an easy solution to replicate and the differentiation that this brings puts Optimus in a very strong position in the market.

As well as multi-platform convergence and unlimited communications, TAG includes a social networking component which is an exciting concept for both Optimus and Ericsson. The model helps operators to leverage their Broadband and Mobile service offerings via a converged communications package. Optimus is looking ahead and adding value to the service all the time. The subscriber base is growing and plans are in place to launch a similar service for corporate customers. Nuno Madeira, Account Manager, Ericsson talks about the potential of the concept: "This is a really exciting application of IMS and provides a vital point of differentiation for Optimus who have built a loyal customer base in the youth market. The PC Client solution can be heavily reused to target other market segments and protect Optimus’ investment. As the demand for seamless communication continues to grow the possibilities are endless."


Customer: Optimus, Portugal

Customer Objective

  • Improve market share in the youth segment
  • Launch converged services
  • Differentiate in the marketplace

Ericsson Solution

  • Multimedia Telephony over IMS

Customer Benefits

  • A unique service offering
  • Increase in market share
  • Infrastructure in place for future initiatives

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Customer profile

Optimus's position in the Portugese market

Optimus was born in 1998 from a union of the Sonaecom Group and Orange/France Telecom. Now the third operator in the Portuguese market, Optimus provides telecommunications services across the country and mobile broadband under the brand Kanguru Xpress.

The operator has undergone a recent re-branding exercise with a countrywide marketing campaign and a new brand identity. As part of this, the TAG concept was launched – a holistic value proposition with dedicated pricing and services, targeting the teen segment.