PlayPhone: Subscription services

Top media company PlayPhone improves the user experience and simplifies sales with Ericsson Internet Payment Exchange.

Ericsson Internet Payment Exchange provides PlayPhone with WAP, Web and SMS payment services to sell mobile content direct to customers in 12 markets around the world.

PlayPhone is a leading global media company. It provides cutting-edge personalization and entertainment content such as ringtones, mobile games and videos to mobile consumers. The company has an impressive catalog with content from top media companies including Sony BMG, EMI, Disney, SEGA and Konami.

PlayPhone also operates its own leading mobile entertainment destination at as well as powering subscription-based mobile destinations for entertainment and retail brands including Walmart, ABC Television, Cartoon Network, Real Networks and iPlay.

Kate Barry, General Manager EMEA, PlayPhone explains why the company chose to partner with Ericsson Internet Payment Exchange (IPX): "PlayPhone was looking to expand its operations into new countries and needed a global messaging and payment provider with excellent support in order to succeed. Ericsson's international reach and extensive market knowledge was also a contributing factor."

PlayPhone is currently using IPX to market, sell and deliver mobile content in 12 countries, using its WAP, Web and SMS billing, Bulk Messaging and SMS Shortcode products. IPX provides PlayPhone with a single bill for all countries, which helps to simplify administration.

Richard Anell, Head of Sales, Ericsson IPX underlines the importance of service reliability and global reach: "PlayPhone has some of the biggest media companies in the world as customers and they need a reliable provider to deliver and charge for content. When combined with their need for on-the-ground support, Ericsson IPX was able to fully meet PlayPhone's requirements."

User experience was a key factor for PlayPhone when selecting a payment provider. The company was impressed by IPX's simple user interface which it could customize with its own branding. Additionally, the company uses subscriber information services to recognize the customer's identity, enabling it to offer subscription services and removing the requirement for users to log in multiple times when purchasing content. In addition to improving the customer experience, the user identification allows PlayPhone to provide a greater level of personalization for its customers by tailoring its interface to specific users.

In the future, PlayPhone looks forward to using IPX's global footprint and market knowledge to support expansion into new markets. The company is also looking at using IPX’s new products, such as embedded SMS, to further enhance its services.

Kate Barry concludes: "Ericsson IPX is a trusted partner and they understand our business. With staff on the ground in all our markets, IPX is able to provide us with invaluable local knowledge on country-specific issues like regulation and marketing, while providing us with advice on new markets."


Customer: PlayPhone

Customer Objective

  • A single platform for subscription-based mobile content services

Ericsson Solution

  • WAP Billing
  • Premium SMS
  • IPX Bulk Messaging
  • SMS Shortcodes

Customer Benefits

  • Extensive global reach through a single aggregator
  • Local offices for support and market knowledge
  • Trusted name and reliable service

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Customer profile

PlayPhones's position in the market

PlayPhone is a leading global media company with a presence in over 20 countries throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America. The company provides cutting-edge personalization and entertainment content to mobile consumers including ringtones and mobile games.

PlayPhone continues to innovate and create new means for interacting with mobile users and delivering wireless entertainment, giving consumers access to a unique and often exclusive media catalog.