Telecom Egypt: Future focus

Ericsson's learning and consulting services help Telecom Egypt to stay agile.
Telecom Egypt

Telecom Egypt selects Ericsson to provide learning and consulting services for its IT arm. As Prime Integrator, Ericsson provides unique expertise from its long-standing relationship with the operator, identifying its key requirements for long-term agility and success. In a fast-moving market such as telecommunications, leading organizations have to constantly evolve to meet ever-changing demands and expectations from users. Market leader Telecom Egypt contracted Ericsson to provide advice to its IT function, ensuring it remains a key competitor for the long-term future.

Telecom Egypt was previously the sole fixed-line service provider in Egypt, but the issue of a second license, along with rising competition from mobile operators, marked a change in the local business environment. The company decided to embark upon a project to examine its strengths and weaknesses both in staff and resources, providing it with the necessary information to plan future strategy and development.

Ericsson was selected as Prime Integrator for the project, working alongside the professional services organization Capgemini. Ericsson's long-standing partnerships with Telecom Egypt made it an ideal candidate, explains Khaled Marmoush, Vice President of IT, Telecom Egypt: "We chose Ericsson specifically for its business situation analysis capabilities. Due to its internal involvement over a number of years, Ericsson was able to put together an offering based on real experience. This was very strong and led to good results."

Ericsson's key focus areas included competence analysis and management function consulting. Spending large amounts of time with key Telecom Egypt employees, both one-to-one and in larger groups, the team used its expertise to challenge current views and positions, addressing the company's end-to-end needs. Mario Bacchini, Business Manager, Ericsson was the Key Account Manager for Telecom Egypt at the time of the agreement. He details the logic behind the methods: "The key was to engage the customer at a high level of management, using open discussion to understand the challenges and address the current market situation. We spent a lot of quality time with the management and this allowed us to provide a comprehensive and complete solution that really aims at long-term strategy. The consulting business is not something that you apply off-the-shelf; we really shaped our proposals and scope on a daily basis to fit with the customer's needs."

The project successfully defined roles and responsibilities within Telecom Egypt, helping the existing staff to operate effectively and providing a basis from which the organization can take action to deal with competence gaps. The successes of the agreement draw on the longstanding partnership between the two companies, as well as paving the way for the future of the relationship. Khaled Marmoush explains: "Ericsson has been an important partner for around 100 years. Our relationship has always been very strategic, and it will continue to be. The main backbone of our relationship is based on engineering and the provision of the equipment we need to run our business, but services agreements such as this one will continue to provide more value for us into the future."


Customer: Telecom Egypt

Customer Objective

  • Equip company for changes in business environment
  • Identify needs in resources and staff

Ericsson Solution

  • Competence consulting
  • Prime Integrator
  • Management function consulting

Customer Benefits

  • Bespoke solution
  • Expert knowledge
  • Long-term vision

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Customer profile

Telecom Egypt's position in the Egyptian market

Founded in 1854, Telecom Egypt is Egypt's original fixed-line service provider and remains the country's leading telecommunications operator. With a subscriber base in excess of 12 million, the company is the largest fixed-line provider in the Middle East and Africa.

Over the last 150 years Telecom Egypt has consistently been at the forefront of the country's development. It is committed to being the best source and total solution communication provider, while dedicating its resources to build a better tomorrow for its employees and community.