Unitel, Angola: Empowering growth

Unitel, Angola draws on Ericsson's expertise to maintain network quality.

Unitel selects Ericsson to contribute to the continued expansion and improvement of its network in Angola.

To ensure smooth growth and evolution, Unitel utilized Ericsson’s knowledge and experience in networks.

In a country plagued by civil unrest in recent times, last year's parliament elections have ushered Angola into a new era of political stability and optimism. The five-year agreement signed with Ericsson in November 2008 enables Unitel to take advantage of the enormous potential for growth that the region has to offer. The agreement builds on a long-standing relationship between the two companies and enabled Ericsson working closely with Unitel in Angola to deliver improved performance and efficiency for the core, radio and transmission networks.

The agreement includes a three-year contract that will see Ericsson take full responsibility for planning the evolution and expansion of the network. The Ericsson Network Performance Partnership solution includes Consulting, Network Design and Optimization, Systems Integration and Learning Services. This involves both 2G and 3G networks in a multivendor environment. To ensure the ongoing success of Unitel in Angola, the contract with Ericsson also contains a comprehensive knowledge transfer package. Ericsson and Unitel are working very closely together and have developed a unique mixed-team approach to knowledge transference. This involves the two organizations communicating on a daily basis, at a local level.

Historically, Angola was a Portuguese colony and as well as having a common language the two countries share some cultural similarities. With this in mind, Ericsson employees from both Angola and Portugal are involved in the project to ensure ease of communication between the two organizations. The service delivery front-end team consists of both Ericsson and Unitel employees based in Angola. The service back-office and management is based in Ericsson Portugal.

The potential for business in Angola is huge. Luis Dias, Key Account Manager, Ericsson explains: "Our partnership with Unitel in Angola highlights Ericsson's commitment to the region. Angola offers many challenges both technically and logistically but our experience and expertise enables us to overcome these and seize the potential for growth that the region offers. Unitel has seen year-on-year growth since its establishment in Angola. It is important that both Ericsson and Unitel continue to invest in the region. As our investment to create network and service delivery infrastructure grows locally, we will see this trend continue. The confidence level of our customers in us and the business potential of markets such as Angola, which were traditionally perceived as highrisk, will continue to expand further as Ericsson and our partners increase investment in these markets."

The agreement with Ericsson will contribute to Unitel having the skills and infrastructure in place to maintain its position as market leader in Angola. Amilcar Safeca, Acting CEO, Unitel, Angola talks about the contract: "Unitel is happy to partner with Ericsson on this project. Ericsson has the experience, product portfolio and service capabilities to deliver the highest quality network development. This contract includes a program of knowledge transfer, increasing the competence of our staff and ensuring that we are able to maintain and develop our high level end-user experience. With this agreement we feel confident that we will continue to stay ahead of our competitors in the region."


Customer: Unitel, Angola

Customer Objective

  • Efficient expansion of network
  • Optimize network performance and efficiency
  • Increase staff competence

Ericsson Solution

  • Consulting
  • Systems Integration
  • Learning Services

Customer Benefits

  • Efficient network growth
  • Increased ARPU through improved network performance and efficiency
  • Improved staff skills and knowledge

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Unitel: Customer profile

With the milestone of 5 million subscribers recently achieved and 65 percent market share, Unitel is currently the leading mobile operator in Angola. The company launched its GSM services in April 2001 and now covers all 18 provinces of the country and more than 100 municipalities. In 2007 Unitel introduced innovative new 3G services based on HSPA technology to their services portfolio.